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Top 10 Eating Disorder Blogs of 2015

stop-eating-your-emotionsEating disorders remain one of the most misunderstood, stigmatized and discriminated against mental disorders. People with depression seem to willingly share their struggles, while eating disorders seem to remain stubbornly in the dark shadows. The simplistic, false beliefs that a person should just “not eat as much” or “eat more” (depending upon the specific disorder) continue to be repeated relentlessly — sometimes by even well-meaning people.

The online eating disorder landscape is complex and diverse, filled with voices of all genders, ages and cultural backgrounds. This compilation of the best eating disorder blogs for 2015 reflects the great diversity among eating disorder bloggers. Below is a series of real-life accounts, practical advice and sound wisdom.

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  1. Clinical psychologist Dr. Stacey Rosenfeld pens Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? She has over fifteen years’ experience working with eating-disordered clients. Rosenfeld contends that many women have some form of disordered relationship with food or their bodies. These cannot neatly be categorized under anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorder. However, the plight of women with a subclinical diagnosis still warrants exploration and care.

    In this blog she explores personal stories and the impact of the media. The blog provides a gripping discussion of cultural factors influencing our eating behaviors.

  2. Adios Barbie is a beautifully presented blog which addresses unrealistic norms in our society. Eating disorders are just one section of the website. There is an informative section on body-positive resources. Various writers contribute to the discussion on what it means to have an eating disorder and what it means to recover. These are the voices of wisdom and experience. The variety of perspectives are stimulating and inspire hope.
  3. Mirasol is the blog of a residential integrative treatment center for eating disorders. It provides reviews of the latest scientific research, personal anecdotes, and news from the in-house facilities. The posts are written mainly by center staff, whose professional reflections complement occasional posts from those in recovery.
  4. Weightless is a savvy blog by Margarita Tartakovsky, an associate editor for Psych Central. Her blog incorporates body image boosters, interviews, recovery stories and analysis of media portrayal of eating disorders. Particularly enjoyable is the Monday mood boost, a fresh tip published every week to foster self-care.
  5. Middle Ground is the writing of Joanna Kay, a recovering anorexic. Its biggest draw is that it details the process of recovery from a first-person narrative. The blog is a “reminder of what the recovery process both demands of us and offers us.” Her eloquent style and stunning photography make this a blog which invites you to stay awhile and savor the discussion.
  6. The numbers of men affected by eating disorders are on the rise, though the media doesn’t necessarily reflect this. Anorexia Boy Recovery is a mother’s account of her son’s anorexia, which began in 2009. Here we are reminded that no man is an island, and that eating disorders have a profound impact on people surrounding the sufferers even after recovery. This candid account can be an invaluable source of help for caregivers.
  7. Eating Disorders Blogs is in fact a compilation of blogs around the subject. It is a one-stop shop for resources, whether you are a professional, caregiver or person with an eating disorder. Many of the blogs are written by practitioners or researchers, which make for stimulating reading and contemporary information. Of particular interest is the section on how to educate pupils on unhealthy eating behaviors.
  8. Comorbidity often arises with eating disorders. And then she recovered is the story of someone recovering from mixed eating disorders and drug addiction. Experience the rollercoaster ride vicariously through her raw prose and expressive verse. Much of what she writes is bittersweet. There are moments of objectivity around her condition, and at other times she appears very much immersed in it. Stylishly presented, this is an engrossing read.
  9. Eating Disorder Hope presents the latest information about different kinds of therapies and other issues surrounding eating disorders, such as relationships. The cumulative effect of these blogs is a sense that one’s value does not come from a number on the scale, and life can offer so much more than an obsession with size.
  10. NEDA Blog comprises news and views about eating disorders. It reflects stories of eating disorders which hit the headlines, analysis of legislation surrounding eating disorders and scientific papers. Personal stories and success stories of National Eating Disorders Association campaigns spice up the blog and contribute to a dynamic, optimistic tone.
Top 10 Eating Disorder Blogs of 2015

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