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Top 10 ADHD Blogs of 2014

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Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is characterized by inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. It’s also sometimes known as just attention deficit disorder.

What happens when people with ADHD enter the blogosphere? Often they navigate their behavior with quirky, fun and informative blogging, and tell the story of ADHD as it really is, transcending the stereotype of a kid who can’t sit still in school.

Coaches and medical professionals have joined the blogging crusade, making a lot of practical information available at our fingertips. However, there is still room for blogs from an education perspective, on how best to work with ADHD children in their learning environments. Without going off on a tangent, here are ten stellar blogs that regularly cover ADHD.

1. ADD Adult Strategies

Doug Puryear, MD, posts daily tips on how to manage ADD. This seemingly no-frills approach is in fact quietly thrilling in its originality and clarity. It is an online extension of his book, Living Daily With ADD or ADHD. Rather than distracting sidebars showing a hard sell of latest publications, there is down-to-earth and considered information. Regardless of whether you have ADHD, you may be seeking short answers quickly, not turgid analysis of the latest research. Here lies your answer.

2. My ADD/ADHD Blog

Tara McGillicuddy blends personal and professional experience in her blog. She has steadily built a community for those affected by ADD/ADHD. Throughout, her written voice is authoritative yet approachable, transcending stigma and offering something for everyone. You get the sense that McGillicuddy really can help you become your own best advocate. Free teleseminars and telesummits provide further virtual space for discussion. Of benefit to auditory types is a series of podcasts, developed in response to specific reader demands.

3. ADD Consults

Terry Matlen’s site provides tips and hopes in equal measure for the newly diagnosed. This quirky blog is written primarily for a female audience. Content pertains particularly to domestic everyday trials and tribulations of being a woman with ADHD. Hers is a unique standpoint, as a psychotherapist who has ADHD, and as a mother who has a son with ADHD. A strong sense of Matlen’s character pervades her work. She is humble, helpful and very readable. The blog includes links to invaluable resources on the topic.

4. Untapped Brilliance

The hallmark of this blog is its unrelenting positive tone. Jacqueline Sinfield’s approach combines realism, practicality and optimism. Posts feature easy-to-implement strategies, from issues such as time management to completing housework. The combination of written and video posts is easy to digest. There are free resources useful for students and adults. While the techniques might not lead to brilliance immediately, betterment is certainly achievable. It’s a particularly great site if your morale is low and you need a kick-start of a ‘can-do’ attitude.

5. A Splintered Mind

Veteran blogger Douglas Cootey has comorbid ADHD and depression. That he has been regularly blogging for nine years is testament to his knowledge and wisdom of these conditions. A clear brilliance and an undertone of steely determination make him readable, not just for a one-off perusal, but in a way so engaging that you’ll want to keep abreast with his missives. Anecdotes laced with humor, references to pop culture, and refreshing reality bites make Cootey endearingly human. The ‘You might also like’ notes at the end of posts is a useful, relevant addition. He doesn’t claim to coach, yet he guides us through his experience with courage, honesty and humility. The blog is well-organized and easy to navigate.

6. Marla Cummins

Another coaching site worth its weight in proverbial gold is that of Marla Cummins. Quality content is delivered with clear diagrams. For example, the Important-Urgent Matrix is an excellent means of fostering productivity and the step-by-step description holds your attention. You’ll find plenty of practical strategies to add to your toolbox. Cummins writes with compassion, bringing the posts to life. This is a refreshing site if you are disinterested in reading the chatter around medical remedies.

7. ADHD Man of Distraction

Kelly Babcock is a savvy blogger whose posts are interesting, original and stimulating. While some sites tend to focus on the downsides of having ADHD, there is an interesting vein of positivity in Babcock’s writing. Despite being diagnosed with ADHD late in life and having a new identity cast upon him, he does not sound like a victim, instead choosing to focus on underrated advantages of ADHD. There’s also a useful first-hand account of treatments which don’t involve any prescriptions.

8. Dr. Hallowell’s Blog

This blog wins points on its simple, clear presentation. Dr. Hallowell is not offering an ultimate cure-all, but instead writes on the premise of ‘Live a better life.’ If you are the parent or teacher of a child with ADHD, this is definitely a site worth looking at. The blog includes innovative screening materials which reflect Dr. Hallowell’s extensive experience and expertise working in the field. Guest posts from people of varied ages and professions keep the blog fresh.

9. ADDitude Bloggers

The ADDitude website is a purveyor of everything ADHD. There is a specific section of real-life blogs. The blog is in fact a consortium of blogs by people whose lives include ADHD. If you are looking for a specific perspective, this is a great place to explore. You’ll find the stories of career women, educators, mothers and fathers, and learn how they manage ADHD as part of their regular lives. The blog shows that you don’t always have to have letters by your name to be an expert, as sometimes life is the best teacher.

10. ADDitude: The Experts

This blog takes the shape of a question and answer forum, where ADHD professionals advise on many aspects of ADHD. It is the place to look for no-nonsense, contemporary answers. Readers have the opportunity to sound out their concerns, distinguish fact from hearsay, and learn about legalities surrounding ADHD. In this comprehensive and thought-provoking space, you’ll likely find answers to questions you hadn’t considered.

Top 10 ADHD Blogs of 2014

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