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The Value of Stillness

The Value of StillnessWhat is the value of stillness? We are indoctrinated with media in a traditional format, television and newspapers, and more informally with social media, Facebook. But what does it really mean to experience stillness and how does taking the time to implement stillness into our lives benefit us?

After thinking about the potential value of stillness for a while, I set up an experiment for myself by making a conscious decision to avoid television, my smart phone and computer for 24 hours. I did not go on a vacation or getaway and simply remained at home, telling my family and friends I would be avoiding electronics for a 24 hour period to avoid worry.

After spending the day meditating, practicing yoga and walking, I discovered that being quiet and still can create calm, but it may also allow uncomfortable thoughts and feelings to surface. The use of electronics and day to day business fills our consciousness making difficult thoughts easy to avoid and stuff, stillness can allow those thoughts and feelings to surface.

Instead of avoiding or stuffing uncomfortable feelings and thoughts it is important be present with them. Don’t analyze them; just let them pass by, like a cloud in the sky. Turn back to the present, the stillness, and your breath to help bring a sense of center.

Being still, being quiet in our minds and bodies allows for healing and nourishment. Don’t make a plan, just be present. This allows going from a reactive state to one of contemplation. Just be.

I believe the practice of stillness, allows for a space of calm in our fast paced wired lives. It provides an opportunity to be present with uncomfortable thoughts and move to a clear mind rather than accumulating and stuffing them even deeper. Simply allowing for a short 24 hours to experience stillness may not be an option for all, but one might implement this practice into an hour or two, providing an opportunity for physical and mental restoration and peace.

The Value of Stillness

Elizabeth Grasher, MS, LPC, LMFT

Elizabeth Grasher, M.S., LPC, LMFT, is a counselor who has worked in a variety of settings including juvenile detention, non-profit drug and alcohol and outpatient practice. She assists clients with relaxation and mindfulness techniques and also practices them herself.

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