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The Love and Compassion Behind State of Mind Water

Midweek Mental Greening

“Refresh Your Mind and Body with State of Mind Water”

We all know water is good for us; it’s common sense. Without water we’d dehydrate and eventually die. And, given that every part of our bodies needs water, it’s also common sense that our brains need water. If I’m not mistaken, something like 80% of the brain is made of water. Plus, a balanced diet that consists of plenty of – but not too much – water is necessary for good mental health.

So, yeah – drink your water.

Yet, when it comes to the concept and driving force behind State of Mind Water, it’s not so much that water is essential for our physical and mental health; rather, it’s more about the idea that you might actually help spread the same “Love” and “Compassion” messages that the bottle labels boast when you purchase State of Mind Water.

Owner and founder Laura Thereza tells the amazingly inspirational story about how State of Mind Water came to be, and a portion of proceeds go to charities and organizations like A Drop In The Bucket and Amrit Davaa World Health.

So, water is good for us – check. Helping our fellow human beings is also good for us – check.

But the plastic bottles we – and the earth – have to contend with each time we purchase State of Mind Water?

Thereza states the bottles are eco-friendly and biodegradable, using Planet Green’s REVERTETM additive, and on Zen Evolution TV states they use a portion of post-consumer recycled plastic, adding:

“I think general public has a misconception about plastic packaging. Most people don’t know that glass takes 3x more energy to produce, deliver, and recycle than plastic. This actually can cause more harm to our environment. We all need to do our part to recycle properly so we can be more efficient and keeping our earth clean.”

I haven’t tried State of Mind Water, and probably won’t. It doesn’t look like any stores in my area carry it and I’m certainly not going to add to the earth’s pollution just to have bottles of water shipped to me. Yes, some proceeds go to charity, but I can donate just as easily.

Basically, I’d do the planet more harm than good with State of Mind Water.

But what about you? Do any of you live near stores that sell State of Mind Water? Have you tried it? Whether or not you have, what do you think of State of Mind Water’s mission?

The Love and Compassion Behind State of Mind Water

Alicia Sparks

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