The Gift of Anger

An ancient saying states that just as iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend to show rage or worthy purpose. What could this mean? Could anger be an emotion that reveals hidden truths about a person?

In her classic book, The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron elaborates on the ability of anger to disclose concealed aspects of a person’s direction and purpose in life. One needs to translate the message that anger is sending. It is trying to bring something to the light to be looked at and examined. Usually one tries to conceal or bury anger, feeling the social restraints and consequences. While sensitivity to not hurt others is valid, an individual’s feeling of anger needs private examination. Anger must not master us, but it can become a tool for self-revelation. It can be a guide or map to help us find our purpose in life and the hidden passions of our heart.

Anger will reveal two things. First, it lets us know when we haven’t liked something. It shows us our limits; it tells us when our boundaries have been crossed or violated. Rage can bring awareness of unresolved tragedies of the heart. These traumas reveal where one is stuck in personal growth, unable to move ahead with clarity. Anger can also divulge the true passion of our heart. What issues ignite our fury? Why? Anger points us in the direction of where we want to go. We need to translate the message that anger is sending us. What issues cause us to fume? Let the emotion expose the personal direction that your heart is telling you. There is worthy purpose behind the anger; it shows us where we want to go.

Anger shows us what we must act on, not act out. Look at those issues that keep you stuck or hold you back. Listen to what is going on inside…your heart. Anger can reveal your hidden passions and give a window into God-given purposes.