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The Changing Seasons

Some people love the summertime, others love the cold of the winter. Me? More than anything, I love the changing of the seasons. It really doesn’t matter from what season to another, I love the fact that there’s a certainty, a progress to the year that you can count on almost like nothing else in this world. Fall doesn’t care if you’re sad or depressed, it’s coming nonetheless. And winter won’t hold off until you’re feeling less anxious or manic. The seasons will change no matter what happens in our small lives or on the planet we live on.

Seasons put my life into perspective. I gaze out onto the trees in my backyard and know not only that some of them are older than me, but will be here for many generations to come long after I’m gone. It kind of puts things into perspective for me.

Perspective is that we age really, really fast. In one blink of an eye, we’ve blown through another 5 years in our lives. Before you know it, you’re in your 20s, or 30s, or 40s. Decades seem to fly by if you’re not careful.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe I’ve led a pretty full life (although it’s become a lot fuller since I met my wife 5 years ago). But I also think that time can get by you if you’re not careful and find ways to ensure you’re not only enjoying as much of it as you can, but are living the life you want to live.

Some people live life as though it were a dress rehearsal. They believe that you shouldn’t act in the moment, because another moment will always be there. I thought that way once too, when I was younger. I let so many opportunities and possibilities pass me by because I was too shy or too self-conscious to grab a hold of the moment and make it mine. No longer. I pursue every opportunity that presents itself, and try and live as much in the moment as possible.

I don’t pretend it’s always easy. I lose track of days and weeks that meld into months and before I know it, another season has come and gone. I look back on it and say, “What do I have to show for the past 3 months?” Sometimes, not a lot. Sometimes I will think only in terms of my work or career, and put aside my own spiritual, relationship and emotional development.

But that’s not fair, now is it? I have to try and as much as possible be a whole person… And work on all areas in my life as much as possible day to day, week to week, and month to month. Sure, some weeks, some area may suffer from a little neglect. But I should never let months or seasons go by without paying attention and feeding my relationship, my spirituality, my emotional needs, and my career.

And neither should you. Enjoy autumn!

Fall leaves
The Changing Seasons

John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

Dr. John Grohol is the founder of Psych Central. He is a psychologist, author, researcher, and expert in mental health online, and has been writing about online behavior, mental health and psychology issues since 1995. Dr. Grohol has a Master's degree and doctorate in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Grohol sits on the editorial board of the journal Computers in Human Behavior and is a founding board member of the Society for Participatory Medicine. You can learn more about Dr. John Grohol here.

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