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The Carlat Reports: Independent Publications You Should be Reading

The Carlat Reports: Independent Publications You Should be ReadingBack in 2008, I met ground-breaking psychiatrist Danny Carlat. You might remember Dr. Carlat because the year before he started a blog and published an important op-ed in the New York Times about the influence that pharmaceutical companies have in marketing their drugs to physicians. (To learn more, read about it when I interviewed him here.)

What you may not have realized is that Dr. Carlat got his start with his own monthly psychiatric newsletter called, fittingly enough, The Carlat Psychiatry Report in 2003. Since its humble beginnings as a single newsletter, the Carlat Publishing empire has grown, now supporting two additional newsletters — The Carlat Behavioral Health Report, and The Carlat Child Psychiatry Report.

They’ve also just recently launched a fourth, new newsletter, The Carlat Report Addiction Treatment.

We’re pleased to be partners with Carlat Publishing in helping publish their older, past years’ archives of these newsletters over at Psych Central Professional. But we’re doubly pleased to offer our readers a special discount subscription to these independent, must-read newsletters.

While Dr. Carlat is the founder of Carlat Publishing and served as its editor-in-chief for most of the existence of the newsletters, he no longer is directly involved in the company. In March 2012, Dr. Carlat took on a new role as the director of the Pew Prescription Project in Washington, DC.1

What sets these newsletters apart is their high-quality, independent, unbiased content. To me, they’re similar in their independent, unbiased editorial nature to Consumer Reports — except for the world of psychiatry and behavioral health. If you’re one of the half million mental health care professionals in the U.S., you and/or your organization should have an active subscription to one of more of these newsletters.

Like Consumer Reports, the newsletters accept no advertising. This means you can trust their content and opinions to be unbiased and free from industry influence.

But just as importantly, the content you find in these newsletters is timely stuff you just won’t find anywhere else. I find I’m often learning about the latest psychiatric drug — and what to think of the new drug — from The Carlat Psychiatry Report sometimes weeks or even months before I read about it elsewhere.

I value the varied insight and perspective each issue of the newsletters offer. They help put a treatment or drug into context of other drugs, and often help me understand nuances others have overlooked.

In other words, I find the Carlat newsletters a set of invaluable resources that simply help me do my job better.

As their partner, I’m pleased to offer our readers an exclusive 25% discount one-year subscription to any of the four Carlat newsletters: The Carlat Psychiatry Report, The Carlat Child Psychiatry Report, The Carlat Behavioral Health Report or the new The Carlat Report Addiction Treatment.

Use coupon code PC13 upon checkout to receive this exclusive offer.


UPDATE: As of September 2014, Dr. Carlat is back at the helm of the company after his time in Washington DC. The company continues to produce unbiased, practical, and entertaining information for subscribers.

The Carlat Reports: Independent Publications You Should be Reading


  1. While Dr. Carlat maintains ownership of Carlat Publishing, he has hired a new CEO and other staff to take over management and editorial responsibilities at the company during his tenure at Pew. Carlat Publishing is in a blind trust to prevent any perceived conflicts of interest between Dr. Carlat’s roles at Pew and ownership of the company. []

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