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The 24/7 Way to Sexual Success

bigstock--147458054If you search for “sexual foreplay” on, you’ll find 226 books on the subject. A brief look at the list of books will reveal that most of them concern foreplay in the bedroom — how to stimulate what part of the body and when. But what about the foreplay outside of the bedroom that happens 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

In my opinion, this is the most important kind of sexual foreplay of all. There are many things that you can do to turn your lover on when they’re out of bed, so that when you two find yourselves in that special moment, you’ll feel like experiencing each other sexually. Let’s look at some:

Listen to them

A person loves to know that their lover listens to what they have to say. And if they can repeat your words verbatim, even better. Don’t press your internal mute button the minute they begin to speak.

Be clean

I can’t stress how important this concept is. Take at least one shower a day. Wear clean clothes. Smell good. The road to sex is through the nose.

Show some initiative

People like their significant others to possess ambition, the ability to get things done. Don’t always let your partner come up with ideas for what to do on date night. You will be much more attractive to them, and they’ll want you (in that way) if you don’t remind them of a slug.

Stay faithful

This is very important. Most people don’t want to share their lover with others. If you want them in the sack, love exclusively the one you’re with.

Be a good parent

Loving someone involves loving their kids. Nuff said.

Learn how to converse

Study the fine oral art of give and take. If this means you have to listen to a podcast to have something to talk about, then listen to two.

Make them laugh

Sex is always a little more fun if you’ve chuckled beforehand. Remember, goofiness can be good. It’s on every survey you’ll see; people love people with a sense of humor. If you’re not particularly funny, or you’re hard-pressed for material, memorize some Chris Rock jokes and repeat them back at strategic moments.

Give gifts

These don’t have to be extravagant, only thoughtful. The old standbys are always good for both sexes — flowers, jewelry, good music. The presents don’t have to be of the material kind, either. Clean the house. Your partner won’t want to stop with one sexual “melody.” You’ll get the whole symphony.

Learn to cook

What they say is true. A delicious lasagna is always a show stopper. (Don’t forget the garlic bread, tossed salad, and brownies for dessert.)

Visit your local sex store

Even the most timid bedroom types will come alive in this titillating environment.

Let nature take its course

Turn down the lights, put on some jazz, pour yourselves some Merlot, and simply be true to yourselves in the most primal ways.  

Simply let nature take its course.

In conclusion, there are many texts that explain the “bedroom techniques” for foreplay.

I’ve shown you the 24/7 way to sexual success.

P.S. If you need some help in performing sexually, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a book or two that explicitly address sexual function. I’d say if you haven’t cracked a book since high school or college, these are worth dipping into.

You can thank me later.

The 24/7 Way to Sexual Success

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