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The Psych Central Podcast

Hosted by Gabe Howard

The Psych Central Podcast is an award-winning, weekly podcast that approaches psychology and mental health in a casual and accessible fashion. Listen as our hosts speak candidly with experts to break down complex topics in simple and understandable ways.

The Psych Central Podcast is hosted by Associate Editor Gabe Howard and overseen by Dr. John Grohol. Learn more about the host here.

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Episodes of the Psych Central Podcast


Podcast: Does Law Enforcement Need Mental Health Care?

Today’s show takes a good hard look at police culture as a whole. What type of personality is drawn to a career in law enforcement? What are officers taught in the academy? Why do they receive so little mental health care when they face so much trauma on the job? These are just a few of the areas that our guest, mental health advocate Gabriel Nathan, lays bare.
Join us as we discuss the basic foundations of law enforcement and how Gabriel believes the profession needs to evolve to keep up with the times.

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Podcast: Are Social Media Friends Real?

Whether we like it or not, social media is now a big part of our culture. In today’s show, Professor Tim Bono, Ph.D., an expert in psychological health and happiness, shares how we can keep a balanced perspective regarding social media and not let it lead to depression, addiction or envy.
How is social media like a casino slot machine?  How do online friendships compare to in-person friendships? Join us for the answers to these questions and much more.

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Podcast: Stigma in Christian and Asian Communities

If I come forward with my mental illness, will it shame my family? If I go to a psychiatrist, does it mean I don’t have enough faith to heal myself? While these questions might seem odd to some people, these are very real worries for many in the Asian and Christian communities.
In today’s episode, Dr. Esther Park, who is both Korean and Christian, explains the mental health stigma she has seen in both of these circles. Dr. Park helps clarify these issues and encourages people in these groups to understand the importance of seeking professional help.

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Children and Teens

Podcast: Dating Violence in Young Adults

Teen dating isn’t always innocent puppy love. Some young people can get involved in emotionally abusive or even violent relationships. How common is this? What are some of the signs of teen dating violence and how can family and friends help?
In today’s show, counselor Joelle Shipp explains why young people can end up in these kinds of situations and how they can get out of them. She also shares the 3 components of healthy relationships.

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Podcast: Your Gut Instinct is Bad For Your Relationships

While caring for his wife as she struggled with a severe nervous breakdown, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky put the cognitive strategies he’d long been teaching others to work on his strained relationship. After seeing the incredible impact it had on his marriage as a whole, he decided to write a book to share these relationship-changing communication strategies.
Join us as Dr. Tsipursky explains why going with your “gut” can actually backfire and shares 12 practical mental habits you can begin using today for excellent communication.

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Podcast: Is Life Coaching the Same as Therapy?

Would you benefit from a therapist or a life coach? What’s the difference? Today, we welcome Dr. Jen Friedman, a consultant and coach with a doctoral degree in psychology, who helps explain the distinction between therapy and coaching. She breaks down the purpose and benefits of each and details which practice could help you the most.

Anxiety and Panic

Podcast: Do Cell Phones Cause Anxiety?

Do you constantly refresh your social media feed? Are you checking your notifications more often than you’d like to admit?  In today’s Psych Central Podcast, Gabe and psychologist Robert Duff have an enlightening discussion on how the information age has affected our mental health -- but only if we let it. Dr. Duff explains how the overuse of social media is often driven by a fear of missing out and even a false sense of productivity.


Podcast: Psych Central Turns 25 This Year

It’s Psych Central’s 25th anniversary! In today’s show, we celebrate the Internet’s largest and oldest independent mental health site with founder Dr. John Grohol. Just a few years after the World Wide Web became public domain, Dr. Grohol was inspired to create an online resource for everyone -- a site where patients, clinicians and caregivers could come together to access and share valuable mental health and psychology information.

Children and Teens

Podcast: Motherhood and The Dragon of Self-Doubt

Are you a mom struggling with loads of self-doubt? Just know you’re not alone. Today’s guest, Katherine Wintsch, author and researcher of modern motherhood, discusses the “dragon of self-doubt” that many moms grapple with. This doubt can manifest as comparing ourselves to other moms, imagining a doomsday future or just sheer exhaustion.


Podcast: The Trauma of Racism- An Open Dialogue

As the world watched in horror the brutal murder of George Floyd by a police officer, many people are searching for answers. In today’s Psych Central Podcast, Gabe and Okpara Rice, MSW, tackle all of the tough subjects: white privilege, systemic racism, disparities in education and the concept behind Black Lives Matter.

Anxiety and Panic

Podcast: Reduce Daily Worry by Navigating the Noise

What could possibly go wrong? Well, pretty much everything -- says your brain. In today’s Psych Central Podcast, Gabe talks with Kevin Stacey, an effectiveness expert, author and former brain imaging specialist. Kevin explains how and why your brain often acts as your worst enemy, giving you a constant flow of fake news.