Like someone building a house in the 1800s, I started Psych Central on my own. You could do that back in 1995, because the web was simple and easy to code. I actually taught classes on building your own website to mental health professionals throughout the 1990s.

Eventually, though, you need help to keep building your house. You can’t easily hoist up roof rafters on your own. So when the site became profitable, I hired someone to help out in 2006. Over the years, those numbers have increased as more and more help was needed. I’ve worked with some amazing, talented people over the years, many of whom I acknowledged in gratitude here.

It’s been an honor and a privilege to have built this house of independent mental health information and resources for the past 25 years here at Psych Central. Now it’s time to put the house in the hands of someone who can continue to build and maintain it, and make it even bigger and better than it is today.

I’ve been approached by companies over the years interested in purchasing Psych Central. I’ve always politely turned them down, as this site has not only been my livelihood but also my passion. Our mission to bring down-to-earth mental health information, resources, and support groups to everyone is driven by my belief that the internet can not only enable, but empower such change.

Over the past few years, it’s become increasingly clear that to remain competitive in the changing online environment, I needed to consider something different. While business has remained stable over those years, I found myself increasingly spending more and more time worrying and working on issues related to what search engines think of the site, rather than what my users do.

This was exhausting – and it has little to do with our mission to bring timely, independent mental health information and resources to you.

After an extensive search and some great discussions with a number of interested parties, I hooked up with the amazing, talented team at Healthline. In my conversations with them, they immediately felt like the right fit for Psych Central.

I look at this as a healthy, positive growth opportunity, as Psych Central will get the experience and resources it needs to remain competitive in this ever-changing online landscape. I will continue to work with Healthline and you’ll still see my articles published on the blog in the future.

I believe that in the hands of the wonderful people at Healthline, Psych Central has the chance to become something even bigger and better than it is today. We’ve built a rock-solid foundation and a resource that’s a valuable component of over 6 million people’s lives every month. I expect it to continue to grow and thrive under Healthline’s thoughtful leadership.


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