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Happy Saturday, sweet readers!

It’s a gorgeous day here in my neck of the woods, and trust me when I say we’ll be taking full advantage of it! After all, the days are getting shorter and soon there won’t be as many warm and sunny days (at least, not here) until spring. Many people begin experiencing seasonal affective disorder (SAD) as fall really kicks in. As many of you know, for a lot of people light therapy is an effective way to treat SAD.

However, did you also know light therapy might be able to help with bipolar disorder? That’s just one of the topics we’re covering in today’s Psychology Around the Net!

Why I Gave Up a Career in Astrophysics to Become a Psychiatrist: After her two-year-old daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer, Karen Cocksedge took a year off her job as an astrophysicist while her daughter received treatment. During that time, she witnessed five children die of cancer and after returning to work discovered her passion for the galaxies wasn’t as important.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Is the Source of Our Self-Obsession: Ouch! Still, you can’t really deny it. We are living in the thick of a self-obsessed society — something that’s being called the “Cult of Self” because, well, we’ve made our own selves the figureheads. So what does Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs have to do with our self-obsession?

Doctors Fear Mental Health Disclosure Could Jeopardize Their Licenses: Partly because they fear it could jeopardize their medical licenses, many physicians with mood disorders are reluctant to seek treatment. According to Dr. Liselotte Dyrbye, one problem lies in how states ask — or phrase — questions about mental health on license applications.

The Cause Of Your Worst Mistakes? A Psychological Gremlin You’ve Never Heard Of: Learn about “disavowel” (a close cousin of “denial”), which is the psychological defense mechanism that’s often behind “the stupidest thing you’ve ever done.”

Glenn Close Regrets How ‘Fatal Attraction’ Portrayed Mental Illness: Multiple award-winning actress and the co-founder of Bring Change To Mind — a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising mental health awareness — speaks out on how her character Alex Forrestone was portrayed in Fatal Attraction. Although she tried to work with the producers to give the character more complexity, they wouldn’t budge. “I wouldn’t have given up so easily now.”

Light Therapy May Help Some With Bipolar Disorder: New research suggests that light therapy (white light, in this case) might help treat depression in patients with bipolar disorder.