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Psychology Around the Net: March 17, 2018

Happy Saturday, Psych Central readers! How’s the time change treating everyone? Personally, it’s kicking my butt (which is unusual, as time changes normally don’t affect me much), but I am absolutely thrilled with the extra daylight — and all the mental health perks that have come along with that!

This week’s Psychology Around the Net takes a look at writing and self-esteem, how a lack of federal funding could be contributing to a lack of psychiatrists, the mental health care benefits California is seeing thanks to a tax on millionaires, and more.

Self-Esteem Sways Benefits of Expressive Writing: New research suggests that even though expressive autobiographical writing (which is similar to journaling but not necessarily a long-term thing) has documented positive health benefits for our psychological well-being, whether it’s actually beneficial or harmful might depend on the level of self-esteem the person has when he or she begins writing.

Why Khloé Kardashian Should Stop Using the Term ‘Khlo-C-D’: Khloé Kardashian has announced a new series of posts on her app called Khlo-C-D Week, focusing on cleanliness and organization, but not everyone thinks her clever little wordplay on obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is, well, clever. Many people are disgusted and offended that she’s using a mental illness to “brand herself.”

Tax On Millionaires Boosts California Mental Health Services, Study Finds: Proposition 63 (now the “Mental Health Services Act”) imposes a 1% tax on Californians who make more than $1 million annually, and this money pays for expanded mental health care in California. According to a study released this week, this tax has drastically boosted mental health programs and has helped reduce homelessness, hospitalization, and incarceration in Los Angeles County.

Severe Shortage of Psychiatrists Exacerbated by Lack of Federal Funding: Speaking of money…is a lack of federal funding to blame for the growing shortage of psychiatrists in the United States?

Joy Behar Publicly Apologizes for Calling Pence’s Christianity a ‘Mental Illness’: After she called Vice President Pence and privately apologized for suggesting aspects of Pence’s beliefs are “called mental illness,” The View‘s Joy Behar took to the stage of the ABC show and apologized the viewers, stating: “I was raised to respect everyone’s religious faith, and I fell short of that. I sincerely apologize for what I said.”

Everyone’s Favourite Psychology Theory Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be: As David Yeager, associate professor of psychology at the University of Texas Austin, explains: “A growth mindset is the belief that intellectual abilities can be developed, while a fixed mindset is the belief that intellectual abilities are fixed and cannot be developed.” However, new research suggests this way of thinking might not be all that reliable — especially when it comes to education.

Psychology Around the Net: March 17, 2018

Alicia Sparks

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