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Psychology Around the Net: April 9, 2016


Happy Saturday, sweet readers!

As you read this, I’m probably looking out my window wondering where spring went. (Snow? Really?) Or, if the weather forecast is wrong — *fingers crossed* — I’m outside romping around with my dog.

Regardless of your weather situation and how it affects your Saturday plans, you must check out the latest in mental health news this week first. Want to know about the possible negative impact of smartphone apps designed to help mental health management? We have it. How about signs that you’re experiencing “sympathy pains” from your partner’s depression? We have that, too.

Oh, and on a more upbeat scale, we’ve thrown in an inspiring call-to-action from the award-winning violinist and YouTube superstar, Lindsey Stirling.


Can You Trust an App With Your Mental Health? We’ve seen a lot of reports about apps designed to help people cope with mental health problems. Some of you might even use (or, at least, have tried) them. From these reports, it seems that most of the general public’s opinion is positive; however, Jean Hannah Edelstein poses an interesting question in her mental health opinion piece for The Guardian: Despite our reliance on today’s technology and all its promising advances, shouldn’t interaction with a real human play a more important role in helping people manage their mental health?

Lindsey Stirling: How I Broke My Cycle of Depression: OK, can I just fangirl out here for a second and tell you how much I love Lindsey Stirling’s music? The 29-year-old award-winning violinist is on fire. (Spend some time on her YouTube channel. Go ‘head.) Now, she’s written an op-ed piece for The Daily Dot discussing her battles with depression and anorexia, and sharing some of the practices she adopted to redefine the “subconscious definition” we’ve given our identities.

6 of the Most Interesting Uses of Psychology Today: From helping people eat healthier and fight obesity to increasing workplace performance and productivity, psychological principles are positively advancing our lives in leaps and bounds these days.

Sympathy Pains: Are You Feeling Your Partner’s Depression? Insomnia, appetite changes, lack of concentration — these (and more) are all symptoms of depression, and Grief Recovery Specialist Kristi Hugstad shares her story to help you identify these depression symptoms in your partner…and possibly yourself.

Big 12 Schools Offer Psychiatry, Counseling Services: When you hear the words “Big 12 Conference,” you probably think about college football; however, did you know schools in the “Big 12” (along with some schools in other conferences) have another annual conference? One that discusses campus health care — including mental health care?

Beauty, Body Size: Women Are Harshest Judges: New research from the University of Surrey and the University of Oxford describes women as not only being the harshest judged by both genders (regarding weight in relation to beauty), but also they are the harshest judgers. Ouch.

Psychology Around the Net: April 9, 2016

Alicia Sparks

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