What was once a taboo has now become, to many brothers and sisters, a cool pastime and an even cooler way to make money online. Brother-sister incest seems to be on the rise, at least according to my unofficial survey of incest websites.

In perusing websites that feature incest, I found two types of brother-sister incest clips. Both were more prevalent than in previous years. One kind was the fake kind in which porn stars pretend to be brother and sister or brother and step-sister. The other kind consisted of actual homemade clips by real brothers and sisters. Many were appearing in cam shows in which they undressed and had sex for internet audiences who gave tips or paid for private showings.

These real brother-and-sister cam shows seem to have mushroomed in recent years, when in the past they were deemed illegal and therefore were rare and far between. Often the people in the clips dont identify themselves as brother and sister, but one can easily see the resemblance and the body language. In many other cases they casually identify themselves as brother and sister and seem to think nothing of their incestuous behavior. Its just another teen-aged experiment.

A recent article noted a rise in incest pornography and attributed it in part to the TV show, Game of Thrones. The author, Vanessa Brown, focused on a new genre which she called Faux-cest. FOR the uninitiated, a film with the title Family Play Date could be identified as a harmless, wholesome household flick. But in fact, this title along with a growing number of other films is part of a growing pornography trend.

Brown alludes to Game of Thrones, saying that it has desensitized viewers to inter-family relationships. She mentions the rather squeamish relationship between two of the main characters Cersei Lannister and her twin brother Jamie. This is but one of numerous incestuous storylines in this series. In season one, Cersei says, Jaime and I are more than brother and sister, we shared a womb, came into this world together, we belong together.

In watching clips of the real brothers and sisters who engage in incestuous behavior for profit on the cam shows, I came across similar rationalizations. When one young woman, who barely looked eighteen, was asked how it felt to have sex with her brother, she replied, Its cool. I feel closer to him than to any other guy because we grew up together and have a brother-sister bond. When asked if she feels guilty, she replied, Not at all. She added, I feel like Im using him to practice. Were practicing on each other before we go onto to adult life.

On another clip, a brother and sister were asked if they were afraid their parents would find out. Theyre too busy having sex with each other and their friends, they replied. It appeared that in this and other cases, there is an aspect of rebellion that is acted out through the brother-sister incest. If the parents can have hidden sex with one another, the brother and sister can act out their Oedipal jealousy by likewise having hidden sex.

Most of the couples I saw involved older sisters and younger brothers, and it appeared that the older sister was the one that had initiated the incestuous relationship, as well as creating a cam show. The younger brothers, however, were all-to-willing participants in the shows. And just like most porn shows, these shows were most often geared to the female helping male to achieve an orgasm.

Interesting, according to Brown, women and couples are the largest fans of brother-sister incest. Apparently women are attracted to incestuous relationships because they like porn that tells a story, rather than just porn showing people having sex.

Psychologist Georgia Whelan noted that Mainstream media can normalize a practice and reduce stigma, shame and judgment increases sexual desire in many people. She added, For Game of Thrones to increase incest fantasies in people, individuals would have to repeatedly watch the incest image over and over again and have positive reinforcement, because there has to be reinforcement and repetition for a fantasy to stick.

Another reason why incest and in particular brother-sister incest may be appealing is the very fact that it forbidden. Sexual relations with a brother or sister are an offshoot of having sex with your mother or father. It is an Oedipal relationship, but it is even more tempting than sex with ones parent in that it involves sex with someone closer in age. It still has the forbidden fruit allure of the Oedipal relationship.

The question is, once brother-sister and father-daughter and mother-son incest have run their course and have been normalized, whats next? Bestiality? Cannibalism? Necrophilia? And isnt this what happened in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome? In these societies things began to fall apart as rationalizations evolved to justify more and more bizarre sexual practices.

Whatever happened to wholesome sex with the girl or boy next store? Ah, thats not cool anymore.