White males are the most hated group in America, according to a survey administered by the author of this blog to his students in an urban community college. In a 10-question survey about eight different racial, gender and ethnic groups, white males topped the survey on six of the questions.

The surveys were given by the author to students in his three classes. The students ranged in age from eighteen to late thirties. There were 100 subjects. Ten questions were each designed to measure a students negative attitude toward the eight groups from various angles. The questions were chosen to assess how much prejudice students had toward particular groups by utilizing various definitions of prejudice. However, the survey relied on the main definition: making generalizations about groups of people, such as all white males are cheaters.

The eight groups that students were questioned about on the survey included: Asian males; Asian females; Black males; Black Females; Hispanic Males; Hispanic Females; White Males; and White females.

The ten questions were: 1. Of the above groups, which one do you think is the most hateful? 2. Of the above groups, which one do you think is the most prejudiced? 3. Of the above groups, which one would you be least likely to trust? 4. Of the above groups which one do you think is the biggest liar? 5. Of the above groups, which one do you think is the biggest cheater? 6. Of the above groups, which one would you blame for societal wrongs? 7. Of the above groups, which ones member would you hire for your store? 8. Of the above groups, which ones member or members wouldnt you invite to your party? 9. Of the above groups, which one arouses the most negative feelings? 10. If you had to kill one of the above groups, which one would you kill?

White males appeared to be the most hated group, as most subjects cited them in answering five of the ten questions, while Hispanic males were given as the answer to only two questions. Hence white males were the group that got the most overall negative response. Is it therefore safe to assume that there is more prejudice toward white males at this moment in time than towards other groups in the survey. This survey did not attempt to find out why each group was chosen as the answer.

Even though this survey is not based on a representative sample, since it is heavily unbalanced in terms of the gender, race, and ethnicity of the respondents, it can nevertheless be used as a pointer as to what may be happening in America. The results of this small survey may point to a change in how we see various groups and therefore indicate that white males areas of nowthe most hated and perhaps the most discriminated against group in America.

There are many special interest groups that target white males. To begin with there is the Feminist Movement. From the beginning of what feminists call the Second Wave, beginning in the late 1960s and early 1970s, feminists began to bash men and particularly white males. For example, Phyllis Chesler wrote a book called, Women and Madness (1972), which is typical of a multitude of books that began to come out at that time. The theme of the book is that all of womens mental illnesses, from alcoholism to obsessive-compulsive disorder, from histrionic disorder to schizophrenia, from anorexia to panic disorder, are the result of male oppression of females by males.

The trashing of males has been going on for about seven decades and it has become almost a truism in American culture that males are born misogynistic. From elementary school on boys are falling behind, Almost all elementary teachers are female and have grown up hearing and believing the same feminist anti-male ideology and this is apparently what they teach. Today two-thirds of undergraduate students are female, and most middle managers in businesses are females. Feminists justify this new double standard by retorting with things like men oppressed women for hundreds of years and now it is womens turn.

Other groups such as the gay rights movement also began trashing men, in this case heterosexual men, referring to them as homophobes if they harbored the belief that homosexuality was a sexual disorder. Now there is even a division between white gay males and other gay males. White gay males are said to enjoy white privilege and therefore are disparaged by black and ethnic gay males. An article in Out, a gay magazine, notes that white gay males are not as involved in incidents of discrimination involving minorities.

The civil rights movement joined the pity party, joining with feminists to blame mainly white males for slavery (postulating that white males forced white women to go along with it). There is a certain radical segment of black culture that cries foul! every time a white cop shoots a black man. During the recent era we have had case after case in which this has happened and is immediately met by loud complaints of white police brutality. There is an immediate rush to judgment which often results in the white police officers being suspended. Sometimes accusations of white cops are followed by white cops being assassinated. The result of this trend is that people everywhere, white or black or Asian, have begun to believe there is some kind of epidemic of white cop killings of black men. A recent book by Butler (2017) made the case that white cops target black men, calling it a chokehold, and that it amounted to a kind of oppression. There is scientific reesearch about this, but no one is listening. It is trial by social media hysteria.

White males appear now to be our cultures whipping boy. Why they are the whipping boy is not as important as the fact that our society seems to need a whipping boy. It is hoped that we will become a society in which whipping boys or whipping girls are no longer necessary. It is hoped we will become a truly equal society.