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Top Ten Depression Blogs, 2007

We've been indexing and reviewing online resources since 1991. In 1995, we began awarding Web awards to recognize those online resources that really stood out. Flash forward 12 years later and a lot has changed. We aim to give you the best of the...

Self-help with YouTube

I have the same routine every week to find interesting and newsworthy topics for the psychology blog; look at a variety of web publications specializing in subjects of mental health, and Google any recent newsworthy mental health topics. The articles I write about...

Why are New Englanders so Depressed?

You'd think the long harsh winters would be reason enough to feel a certain sense of impending doom as fall comes to an end up here. But I'm not talking about seasonal affective disorder here. I'm talking about SSI data.

Furious Seasons poses the question today, why do the New England states have such a higher percentage of people who are on SSI in the "mental disorders" category. The data can't tell us why (because it never asked the question), but we can...

Andy Grove’s Mad Again, This Time at Biomedicine

Andy Grove, Time Magazine's Man of the Year a decade ago and one of the founders of computer giant Intel, is mad again. He was mad 12 years ago, when he was first diagnosed with prostate cancer, at the way the healthcare system treated him.

So mad, in fact, that in 1998 he led Intel to focus on the healthcare system for Intel's "Internet Health Day," and subsequent Internet Health Initiative.

That initiative led to Intel working more closely with many of its...

Social Anxiety Disorder? Or Just Plain Shy?

Welcome to Disorder Nation. As biomedical and pharmaceutical companies struggle to release newer, more effective medications to combat serious mental disorders like depression or bipolar disorders, some people's attention turn to lesser disorders. Disorders like social anxiety disorder which, before 1980, was simply known as extreme shyness or "anxiety neurosis." Sure, people get anxious in social situations, especially performance-based ones such as public speaking, but that's normal for most people!

But leave it to the researchers (or in this case, the lack of research)...

Very Young Children Being Prescribed Antipsychotics in Florida

Why are pediatricians and psychiatrists prescribing powerful antipsychotic medications to children who are under age 5? Especially when no antipsychotic (except Risperdal) has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in terms of safety or efficacy for use in children. Why is the use of these unapproved-for-children medications so widespread (and growing)?

A new report (PDF) from researchers at the University of South Florida examined prescribing trends for over 19,000 Florida children being prescribed atypical antipsychotics. Philip at Furious...