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When Is it Okay To Hug Your Therapist?

To hug or not to hug a client -- that is the question that can haunt therapists. When a client is so distraught and you have no more words to offer, is physical contact a good idea?

Glen O. Gabbard, , Brown Foundation Chair of Psychoanalysis and professor of psychiatry at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, doesn’t seem to think so. In an April 2008 Psychiatric Times article, he...
Brain and Behavior

Susan Boyle: A Lesson In Expectations and Emotion

In a mere six days, Susan Boyle from Scotland has become a multi-million-view sensation on YouTube. Her rendition of "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables has been a phenomenon, growing steadily by the minute as more and more people see the video.

Clearly, Susan has an amazing voice. She owned this song, and the audience before too long. In my opinion, "I Dreamed a Dream" is one of the most gorgeous songs ever written,...
Brain and Behavior

Moms + Internet = Addiction?

In a fluff piece Parenting magazine recently published (and which was picked up by CNN below), moms are apparently "at risk" for a non-existent mental health concern. How one can be at risk for something that doesn't exist and that no doctor can diagnose is beyond me. But Rachel Mosteller apparently glosses over that point in suggesting that using the Internet while trying to keep your sanity as a stay-at-home mom can amount to "

Postpartum Depression Advocacy

I've spent a good deal of the day writing advocacy for postpartum depression. I've been in communication with the wonderful and passionate Katherine Stone, author of the blog "Postpartum Progress" and postpartum depression advocate. It's been a great way to learn and stand up for women with pregnancy-related depression disorders.

The MOTHERS act is currently going through congress. It is a bill that supports research for the causes of postpartum depression as well as education and...

Yoga Therapy On The Rise

Midweek Mental Greening

(Yes, it’s Thursday.)

"Since the days of Freud, research into the mind-body relationship has come a long way. Studies show that not only are your mental health and mood dependent in large part on physical factors like exercise, but also unchecked stress,...

Therapy in Unexpected Places

What do clinical psychologists and cocktails have in common? You get both at Cranky Al’s Bakery and Pizza in Wauwatosa, Wis.

Once a month, a plethora of patrons gathers at the restaurant to hear clinical psychologist Julie Helmrich, , answer anonymous questions on everything from hormonal swings and chronic lateness to competition and complainers. Helmrich, who has 29 years of experience, provides straightforward, short answers to the crowd, such as: What is up with female hormonal swings? someone, presumably a man, had written on...
Anxiety and Panic

Mindfulness and Psychotherapy: An Interview with Dr. Elisha Goldstein

I have mentioned Dr. Elisha Goldstein in a few of my blogs. Psych Central added his blog, "Mindfulness and Psychotherapy" just as I was looking more into mindfulness and relaxation techniques myself in order to try to de-stress. Dr. Goldstein brings much experience and wisdom on the topic to readers who are willing to try train the mind to stay centered on the moment. He is a clinical psychologist and conducts private practice in West...