8 Ways to Avoid the Monday Morning Blues

Most of us in the middle of our (enjoyable) Sundays or when we get up on Sunday morning begin to have that dreaded feeling about work. That feeling can suddenly sneak up on us, and in a way slowly begins to damper the rest of the day.

While we can’t avoid the sometimes overwhelming feeling of what needs to be done throughout the work week, or on any given Monday morning, we can devise a plan not to psyche ourselves up as much by getting ahead of the game. Doing so will ameliorate the anxiety provoking situation at hand so we can truly learn the meaning of actually enjoying our Sundays in the future.
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Did the House Just Let People with Mental Illness Buy Guns?

There's a lot of misinformation floating around with the recent gun vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to overturn a rule made late in the last administration's tenure. The final rule, announced in December 2016 by the Social Security Administration, was a misguided effort to try and keep guns out of the hands of some people with mental illness.

But it was a bad rule to begin with that should've never been finalized, because it didn't take into account a person's likelihood to commit a crime or likelihood of using a gun to commit violence. Furthermore, the rule violated the due process rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution.

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Freedom: Beyond Fear and Addiction

“Fear is the memory of pain. Addiction is the memory of pleasure. Freedom is beyond both.” - Deepak Chopra
Is there anyone among us who hasn’t experienced fear? When it happens, it appears the powerful emotion completely takes hold. You can’t breathe. It’s difficult to think clearly, let alone make responsible decisions. Every bad thing that ever happened, all the pain you felt, wells up inside you and that’s all you remember. Worst of all, fear stops you in your tracks and all forward momentum may suddenly cease.
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Can a President Have a Mental Illness?

In our tireless fight against stigma, prejudice, and discrimination in order to help people understand that mental illness is no different than a physical disease, where do we draw the line? If we can't discriminate against someone with a mental illness for a job -- like an accountant or soldier -- what are the jobs that require a different yardstick?

Does being President of the United States require a person to have no active mental illness or history of illness? Or is that just another form of discrimination against people with mental illness?

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Best of Our Blogs

Best of Our Blogs: February 3, 2017

If you ever felt more alone after you spoke to a loved one, it's probably because they were not able to be there for you in the way you needed.

In Insights at the Edge, author and therapist Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, says, "we get wounded when we're with people who can't be with us, and we heal when there are people who can be with us."

And it's not about saying the "right" thing to solve our problems. But being heard, held and listened to with nonjudgmental presence.

This week as you learn about some of the most challenges issues like suicide, addiction and emotional abuse, see if you can practice this nonjudgmental presence with each post. And then, bring it to those you love.
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The Psychological ‘Approval’ Need Is Bankrolled by ‘Experts’

Not all experts feed financially on the public’s need for approval, but most of them do. We have this desire to always hire experts because we don’t trust our instincts, which often is a mistake. The need for assurance that what we think is OK is, in fact, truly OK really is profitable for many so-called experts. It is also an area of self-esteem that needs to be addressed.
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Alternative and Nutritional Supplements

How Folate and a Genetic Mutation Can Impact Depression Risk

Research has linked folate deficiencies to depression. According to a study published in the Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience, one-third of depression patients were deficient. Folate, also known as vitamin B9, is available in foods like dark green leafy vegetables, oranges, nuts, beans, and whole grains. The vitamin is critical in breaking down the food we eat and converting it into energy. Our bodies need it to make DNA and RNA as well as amino acids, which help maintain all of our living cells. This B vitamin is especially significant for stabilizing our mood.

Why are so many of us deficient?
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PODCAST: Mental Illness: To Disclose or Not to Disclose?

In this episode of the Psych Central Show, hosts Gabe and Vincent discuss the pros and cons of disclosure with regard to mental illness. Should you “come out” as mentally ill?  And if so, to whom? These are questions everyone living with a metal illness has to answer eventually.  There are benefits to being completely honest about your medical history (e.g., not having to hide, helping the overarching cause), but it can also be detrimental to your career and damage your personal relationships.  Whether you are still under a coat in the back of the closet, or hosting a podcast about mental illness, revealing your illness (or not) is a minefield.

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