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5 Essential Communication Tips for Couples

Many couples make this mistake: They expect and assume that harmony will automatically happen in their relationship. But the opposite is true: “What appears automatically in human relationships is friction,” said Chris Kingman, LCSW, a psychotherapist and couples expert in Manhattan.

That’s because partners have different preferences, styles, expectations and needs, he said. Harmony actually happens when we deal constructively and effectively with the inevitable frictions inside our relationships (and our lives).
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Best of Our Blogs: July 10, 2018

How do you return to a sense of normalcy after tragedy?

Whether it's something that's happened to us or someone else, adversity can throw us off balance.

It changes our worldview. How we cope can make a difference in the way we continue on our journey. We can grow resilient, strong and maybe even help others who are struggling or we can grow cynical, depressed and ill.

How well we cope is determined by a lot of things such as our past, personality, and our support system. If it takes you longer to deal with struggle then another person, don't judge yourself. As you'll read this week, a narcissistic parent, abuse, emotions inherited by a family member and lack of problem solving skills could all contribute, which can be remedied with help from our posts below.

My Top 5 Ways to Boost Well-Being During Summer

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky is by no means a waste of time.” – John Lubbock
I must confess I enjoy summer more than all other seasons. It isn’t just fond memories of long summer vacation and no homework or school to deal with, although that certainly influenced my preference. I remember fondly the family trips we took during summer and often reflect those were the best days of all. While being a kid meant I didn’t have a lot of responsibility -- other than help with the dishes and clearing the table -- I didn’t have any of the adult stresses either.

Can We Use Gene Therapy to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease?

I have previously written about research that delves into episodic memory loss, which is the type of memory loss typically associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

While most studies of potential Alzheimer’s drugs examine how these compounds affect spatial memory, it is episodic memory -- the ability to remember specific events -- that is most affected by the disease. Episodic memory impairment is also associated with aging in general.
Anxiety and Panic

Postpartum Anxiety: How to Get the Support You Need When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

There is tremendous social and cultural hype around the joys, excitement, and wonder of pregnancy, birth, and raising children. Baby showers, parenting classes, and the array of pre-birth activities often convey the implicit and explicit message to parents-to-be that having kids is exclusively a magical albeit stressful experience.

This mythology does us a grave disservice by creating the sense that there is something shameful or abnormal about postpartum depression and/or anxiety. The truth is, negative emotional postpartum experiences are very common and tragically underreported as new mothers in particular often feel they should be nothing but glowing and ecstatic.

6 Surprising Signs That You’re Struggling with Depression

Most people know the telltale signs of depression: a deep, sinking sadness, loss of hope, a bleak outlook on life, and weight and appetite changes. As psychologist Deborah Serani, Psy.D, said, most people also picture a slow-moving individual with sloped shoulders who’s unable to get out of bed.

While for some people the above is absolutely true, for others, different signs are more prominent and indicative of depression—signs that might surprise you. Below are six symptoms to watch out for.

Is Mindfulness at Work Detrimental? A Cautionary Tale About Scientific Research and the Dangers of Overgeneralizing

As consumers of news, we often take things we read at face value. This can be especially true of scientific research that we read in the newspaper and elsewhere, where we often don’t question the claims that are being made.

But we need to learn to be cautious consumers, reading the fine print; we also need to be accurate scientists, being careful that our claims match the research conducted; and we need to rely on our media to make sure that what is being published is accurately portrayed, as it will likely influence a wide audience, often naive to the subject matter at hand.

How to Communicate Suicidal Feelings

Unfortunately, I know this subject all too well. When I was 19 years old I my dad died by suicide, and I have had an almost fatal attempt myself in my early 20s, along with very regular ideation of wanting to end my life. One thing I have learned through the years, is that if you are suicidal, it is incredibly important to reach out for help in a way that is supportive for all involved. It is not easy for anyone, and there is a very big difference between using suicide as a means to manipulate people in an abusive way as opposed to using it as a means to ask for support to get the help you need.