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3 Tips to Regain Work-Life Balance After Working from Home for 6 Months

With many of us working from home due to the pandemic, we’ve had to adjust our work routines to fit the new normal and carry on in our professional responsibilities. Working from home has come with its own set of benefits and drawbacks; maybe you’re seeing a noticeable increase in workload, or finding it difficult to adjust your working practices to manage what you need to get done. Whatever your situation, if you find the "new working normal" is starting to negatively affect your emotions outside of working hours, you’re not alone. 
Anxiety and Panic

Is Your Brain Tired? You May Be Mentally Fatigued

It seems like everyone I talk to lately is tired, and not because they’re suddenly more active or more productive than usual. In fact, most of them can’t tell you exactly why they’re so tired, they just are. This isn’t to say people aren’t busy, they are -- just in new and taxing ways. But these new kinds of busyness and the “new normal” brought on by the coronavirus is causing many of us to feel mentally fatigued.

Podcast: Does Law Enforcement Need Mental Health Care?

Today’s show takes a good hard look at police culture as a whole. What type of personality is drawn to a career in law enforcement? What are officers taught in the academy? Why do they receive so little mental health care when they face so much trauma on the job? These are just a few of the areas that our guest, mental health advocate Gabriel Nathan, lays bare.
Join us as we discuss the basic foundations of law enforcement and how Gabriel believes the profession needs to evolve to keep up with the times.

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The Fallacy of Positive and Negative Emotions 

For too long, Western psychology has explored psychopathology without much inclusion of the positive aspects of being human, which may leave us with a bleak or stern view of psychology. Fortunately, being interested in wellness, personal growth, and positive psychology is a growing trend.

In an attempt to explain things simply, there is often a distinction made between positive and negative emotions. Positive emotions are considered to be pleasant feelings such as joy, pleasure, love, gratitude, or contentment. Negative emotions may include anxiety, anger, sadness, loneliness, fear, or other uncomfortable or undesirable feelings. 


How Can You Be Right and Wrong at the Same Time?

This has been a very divisive year for the United States. From how to handle the pandemic and political agendas to racial injustice and redefining our institutional principles, almost every topic that comes across your social media newsfeed or passes in conversation has two sides and you better know which one you are on.

5 Ways to Cope with Parenting Stress 

The uncertainty in the world may be getting on your nerves, and the problem is that you are not the only one you need to worry about. Your children can also feel your stress and that can create stressed kids. If you and your children were struggling with anxiety before the pandemic, it has now probably heightened. Summer may have provided some respite, but new worries may be cropping up. What’s a parent to do when there are so many issues to worry about and no chance of knowing with certainty that your feared outcomes won’t come true?