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How My Husband’s Chronic Depression Forever Changed Our Family — for the Better

I promise to choose you, in good times and in bad. Till death do us part. I was in my early twenties when I pledged those words to my husband. Like many young brides, I promised these things without having experienced a lot of life. Difficult times did come: a miscarriage, health scares, layoffs, losing two parents to long illnesses, and more. But we plowed through and came out on the other side stronger, proudly wearing our scars; living proof that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It felt like there was nothing we couldn’t handle. We are bullet proof, he always says. Then, something happened that we could not just simply plow through and overcome: my husband was diagnosed with chronic depression.

Podcast: Is Police (CIT) Crises Training Needed?

A mentally ill man is standing in your yard yelling at the mailbox. What do you do? You call the police, right? Not so fast, according to today’s guest, mental health advocate Gabriel Nathan. There is a better way to do things. Gabriel believes that rather than training police officers to de-escalate people in mental health crises, the police shouldn’t be called at all in these situations.

Children and Teens

Back to School and Cognitive Dissonance

The term cognitive dissonance means to have conflicting feelings, beliefs, or behaviors that cause internal discomfort. It can also describe the feeling of disappointment one feels when things do not go as anticipated. With schools across the country returning to their own personal version of a new academic year this month, students, teachers, staff, and parents collectively face the potential for repeatedly experiencing different forms of cognitive dissonance. 

5 Mindful Recovery Steps for Self-Observation

In early recovery, there is value in filling your space and time with meetings and various distractions to fill in the space that was once consumed with substances and addictive behaviors. There is also value, at some point, to create unfilled space for your presence and attention. Creating space to be present for your presence is a key to sustainable long-term recovery. 

After the Fight — Repairing Your Relationship

Emotions run high during a fight. Yet sometime later, we may have forgotten what triggered our rage in the first place. We recall fighting, but what was it about anyway? 

Lauren later remembered the details about a fight with her husband because she'd written about it in her journal. "Though I don't like the word 'fight,'" she said, "because we don't hit or anything like that. But I was so furious it felt like a fight."
Eating Disorders

How Mindfulness Can Reframe Body Image

Please note that this post discusses eating disorders.

Weight -- the loss of it, the gain of it, the way our bodies fill out our clothes or take up space in public -- is a concept that can completely occupy our thoughts. For some of us, obsessing about weight is a daily reality. The perfect size seems ever out of reach, and I don’t think there’s anyone out there who truly feels their body is the perfect size and shape.