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Eyewitness memory poor in highly intense and stressful situations

Eyewitness memory poor in highly intense and stressful situations
The ability to recognize persons encountered during highly threatening and stressful events is poor in the majority of individuals, according to a Yale researcher.

"Contrary to the popular conception that most people would never forget the face of a clearly seen individual who had physically confronted them and threatened them for more than 30 minutes, a large number of subjects in this study were unable to correctly identify their perpetrator," said Charles Morgan III, , associate...

Expressing yourself isn’t always ideal

Expressing yourself isn't always ideal
For years, the advice of psychologists and mothers alike has been to express your emotions in order to achieve a balanced mental state. This might bring up some problems when your anxiety is going to make that presentation look shoddy, but hey, it's better to show emotions than be like Spock, right?

Not quite. A new hypothesis on the issue of emotional expression is that we're actually better off being flexible about how much we show our feelings -- neither...

Surprise: Mental Illnesses Go Undertreated in the World

A new article in JAMA reports that mental illness in the US and the world go undertreated. Mental illnesses including anxiety disorders and depression are common and under-treated in many developed and developing countries, with the highest rate found in the United States, according to a study of 14 countries.

Based on face-to-face diagnostic surveys in the homes of 60,463 adults, the study found that mental ailments affect more than 10 percent of people queried in more than half the countries surveyed.

Rates ranged from...

Many Fail to Recover with Depression Treatment

Many people who receive standard therapy for depression still suffer from the condition up to two years after starting treatment, a new study suggests.The study, which involved more than 1,200 patients diagnosed with depression at 46 primary care centers, found that nearly half of those who received "at least minimally appropriate" depression treatment did not improve.

This isn't nearly as surprisingly as the statistic that only 15% of the treatment-resistant group and only 3% of the non-treatment-resistant group received both psychotherapy and...

Study: N.J. suicides outnumber homicides

Nearly twice as many people kill themselves than are killed by others in New Jersey, according to a new study. The state Department of Health and Senior Services report "Suicide in New Jersey, 1999-2000" finds that suicides far outpace homicides in the Garden State.

In 2000, the most recent year for which statistics were available, there were 560 suicides committed in New Jersey, nearly double the 288 homicides for that year, according to crime statistics compiled by the New Jersey State Police.

So how come...

Too much testosterone blights social skills

Levels of testosterone in the womb may have profound effects on a person's social development. The findings might also explain why men are four times as likely as women to suffer from autism.

The team has already found that the babies with higher fetal testosterone levels had a smaller vocabulary and made eye contact less often when they were a year old. And a study by another group has shown that eight-year-old girls who had high fetal levels of the hormone performed better...