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Mental Health Care Goes Mainstream

An estimated 59 million people, or more than one in four adults, have received some form of mental health treatment in the past two years, a new poll finds. The vast majority of these people -- an estimated 48 million -- are being treated with prescription medication. Drugs are clearly the dominant form of mental health treatment in America, the survey found.

This Harris Interactive poll was the first of its kind to examine consumer trends and attitudes in mental health treatment.
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Experts: Male Eating Disorders On Rise

In an era of diet fixation, chiseled underwear models and "a culture of muscularity," some researchers say eating problems among men are getting worse -- even as sufferers face a lingering stigma about having a "women's disorder." Women are more likely to have eating disorders than men. But men can also suffer from bulimia, binge eating and, to a lesser extent, anorexia, according to researchers....

If kid’s diary is online, should mom peek?

Not long ago, a friend sent me an unsettling e-mail. She'd discovered the Internet links for her daughter's and my daughter's online journals. Was I interested in reading my daughter's?

I must admit: I was intrigued. Here was a chance to find out - really find out - what my 16-year-old thought about life, love, friends, school, and all sorts of things. I could head off "problems" before they really took hold - and get a real sense, not just the possibly sanitized version...

Men’s eating ills go unseen

Although boys and men make up only about 10 percent of patients with eating disorders, they are more likely to have the condition detected at an advanced stage when treatment is more difficult, health experts say.

The lack of awareness among doctors and parents about the problem means there's little reliable data about boys and eating disorders, said Dr. Pamela Carlton, who helped treat Justin at Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford. But several doctors around the Bay Area say they've seen an...

American Psychiatric Foundation All-Star Team Tackles Workplace Mental Health

The American Psychiatric Foundation (APF) announced today it will team up with NFL hall-of-famer and Emmy-award-winning sports commentator Terry Bradshaw to raise awareness about the impact of anxiety and depression in the workplace and the benefits of early recognition and proper treatment.

The "All-Stars At Work" campaign, supported by an unrestricted educational grant from GlaxoSmithKline, will educate and provide resources for employees and employers across the country about the benefits of a mentally healthy workforce and the need to provide access to quality...

Some infants recognize and respond to social eating cues

A new study by University of Michigan Health System researchers looked at the eating behaviors of babies who were described by their mothers as difficult eaters or overeaters and compared them to similar children whose mothers did not report problems during meals.

The difficult eaters and overeaters were more likely to eat when their mother handled their food. And the more mom touched the food, the more likely baby was to feed himself or herself. This same relationship was not found in children...

Obese Kids More Likely to Be Bullied

Overweight adolescents are more likely than normal-weight children to be victims of bullying, or bullies themselves, a study found, bolstering evidence that being fat endangers emotional as well as physical health.

The results in a study of 5,749 Canadian youngsters echo data from British research and follow a study published last year in which obese children rated their quality of life as low as young cancer patients' because of teasing and weight-related health...

Save your quiz results on over time

The latest feature we've added to PsychCentral is the ability for you to save your quiz results. With over a dozen quizzes to choose from and a new one being added almost monthly, you can now track things such as depression or mania over the course of weeks or even months. The only thing you need to take advantage of this new feature is to be a member of our forums (registration is always...