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Medical-Pot Fight Goes to Justices

Medical-Pot Fight Goes to Justices

Angel Raich, a 39-year-old mother of two, smokes marijuana eight times a day in her Oakland home.

She does it to relieve pain from a brain tumor and more than a dozen other maladies. And she does it with her doctor's blessing and the permission of the state of California, which allows medical patients to use the otherwise illegal weed if recommended by a physician.

Since 1996, California and 11 other states have passed laws that ease or eliminate sanctions for...

Suicide victim’s wife sues maker of Zoloft

Suicide victim's wife sues maker of Zoloft

The wife of an Orlando suicide victim is suing Pfizer Inc. over its widely used antidepressant drug Zoloft, according to court records and the woman's lawyer.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in state Circuit Court in Orlando by attorney David Paul, alleges that the man committed suicide two weeks after his family physician prescribed the drug for him, according to a news release sent from Paul's office Tuesday...

The Antidepressant Dilemma

The Antidepressant Dilemma (New York Times Magazine, free reg. req'd)

On June 30, 1997, the Millers took Matt to see Dr. Douglas Geenens, a child psychiatrist referred to them by Matt's primary-care physician. In addition to the doctor and the Millers, both Mark and Cheryl remember there being two other people in the room, who Dr. Geenens explained were his trainees. Matt sat silently for almost the entire 50-minute session. Cheryl did most of the talking, sketching out Matt's emotional deterioration since the start...

Depression treatment boosts employee productivity

Depression treatment boosts employee productivity

High-quality care for depression can improve productivity at work and lower rates of workplace absenteeism, according to a new report.

A two-year program for depressed employees treated at 12 primary care practices nationwide improved productivity at work by an average of 6 percent, or an estimated annual value of $1,491 per depressed full-time employee. The program reduced absenteeism by 22 percent in two years, saving the companies an estimated $539 for each depressed full-time employee....

Data support Americans’ sense of accelerating ‘time warp’; balance between work and family elusive

Data support Americans' sense of accelerating 'time warp'; balance between work and family elusive

While the work week, or hours spent working for pay by the average employee, has not significantly changed over the past 30 years, the demands of work and family are certainly colliding. According to research by sociologists, there is a growing split of the labor force into those squeezed by family and work time demands, usually at the top end of the pay scale, and those unable to find...

University seeks recruits for Parkinson’s Disease study

University seeks recruits for Parkinson's Disease study

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh are seeking people with Parkinson's Disease (PD) to help them better understand how mood-- particularly depression-- affects their symptoms. The study will investigate the way depression impacts on the thinking processes of those with PD, and look at how this mood disorder can be treated.

Research psychologist Anthoula Lioni said: " Depression is very common in people with PD and we believe that their problems with elaborate thinking processes -- for example,...

Pharmaceutical roundup!

I think most pharmaceutical company press releases are pretty self-serving on the face of it. I think they also tend to do a disservice to the public by minimizing the negative side effects of the medication while over-promoting their effectiveness (especially compared to older...

Internet offers relief of holiday blues

Internet offers relief of holiday blues (Reuters via USA Today)

When the going gets tough at the stores this holiday season, the tough go shopping online. When life gets really tough, there's online therapy.

"I think it's invaluable this time of the year," said John Grohol, spokesman for International Society for Mental Health Online, which promotes the development of Web technology for the mental health...

Rise in antidepressants for children

According to a recent Reuters news story, doctors are prescribing more antidepressants for children and adolescents although there is little evidence about their safety or efficacy in youngsters, researchers say. This represents a significant rise in antidepressant prescriptions in children.

Prescription rates for young patients...