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Therapies: A Dose of Dolphins for Moderate Depression

Therapies: A Dose of Dolphins for Moderate Depression New York Times

Researchers working in Honduras have taken an unusual approach to treating mild to moderate depression: they teamed their patients up with dolphins.

To test unconfirmed reports that dolphins could help people with learning disabilities and mental health problems, the researchers offered 10 patients a regimen of surf, sun, sand and dolphins, said Dr. Michael A. Reveley, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Leicester in England and the senior author of the study.

At trial, noted cardiologist criticizes Merck’s behavior

At trial, noted cardiologist criticizes Merck's behavior

If a pharmaceutical company could allegedly be engaged in these kinds of behaviors for one drug, imagine the potential liability they could have for their other drugs.

A prominent cardiologist testifying in Merck & Co.'s federal trial over Vioxx accused the drug maker of engaging in scientific misconduct, suppressing clinical evidence and stifling medical discourse as it promoted the painkiller.
Dr. Eric Topol, chairman of the cardiovascular medicine department of the Cleveland Clinic, called certain aspects of Merck's...

Through Charities, Drug Makers Help People

Through Charities, Drug Makers Help People

What started out as a perhaps good idea -- helping people who can't afford the drugs they need -- has turned into a cruel reinforcement for drug companies to keep their prices for medications artificially high for citizens.

To cope with rising medical costs, insurers are requiring patients to pay higher premiums and co-payments for drugs. While poor uninsured patients can often get expensive medicine free from drug companies, people with insurance are increasingly finding it difficult...

School psychologist’s student records accidentally posted online –

School psychologist's student records accidentally posted online -

File this under the category of "Oooops, just like every other company or organization tasked with ensuring the privacy and security of our financial or health records, we screwed up!"

Of course, this wasn't a failure of the technology (as it rarely is). This was a failure of understanding where the file transfers were going to and not removing files that were supposed to be put some place just temporarily. Basically, laziness by...

Problem Found With Potential ADHD Patch

Notwithstanding the ongoing debate as to whether ADHD drugs are overprescribed because bored docs and overwhelmed teachers are overdiagnosing the disorder in children, it seems as the FDA once in a while actually serves the public purpose for which it was intended.

A patch developed...

Hooked on the Web: Help Is on the Way – New York Times

Hooked on the Web: Help Is on the Way (New York Times)

I hate these articles. They come out a few times a year, and increasingly reporters do less and less actual reporting and research, and instead just report on the "hype," not the reality. The media should take greater responsibility for their role in actually contributing to the cause of these issues, because they are are not simply reporting on them without bias. Take, for instance, this snippet:

Skeptics argue that even obsessive Internet...