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Bipolar eBook

The Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorder (OBAD) offers A Guide To Recovery, a free book compiling wisdom from people with bipolar receiving support from them in the community. A PDF is available for download on their website or they'll send you a hard copy for paid shipping. Better, they invite anyone with an affective disorder located in the Metropolitan Calgary area to drop in for a peer support meeting along with the book. The rest of the world can get a hard...

Flawed Data: Social Networks gaining on Top Portals?

What defines a "social networking" site? That's a question you have to ask yourself when looking at Compete's recent blog entry, Social Networks gaining on Top Portals.

Tickle, for instance, is a quiz site that glommed social networking components on to it after the fact. Is it now a "social networking" site because it has a social networking feature? Where do you draw the line? We have social networking features here at Psych Central, but I'd hardly call us a social networking site.

Three of...

Web 2.0 Question & Answer Sites

Web Question & Answer Sites - MetaFilter

I've long been a fan of MetaFilter for tapping into a part of the Internet meme, long before the words "social networking" and the gawd-awful meaningless "Web " were coined. MetaFilter is "Web " long before anyone knew that was cool.

So it's not surprising that I found this thread to be interesting. When one of the pre-Web sites is commenting on yet another more recent spate of Web sites, well, you're bound to get...

Internet & Social Connectedness

Two new stories caught my eye recently:
“Survey shows Internet lessens sociability”
“Isolated Americans Trying to Connect”It doesn’t take a to figure out that these two trends may be related. According to Self-Determination Theory, the three basic human needs are Autonomy, Relatedness, and Competence. As work and leisure activities continue to become solo endeavors and communities continue to be diluted into islands of individuals, the second basic need is becoming more difficult to fill. Culture in the promotes making money and owning...

Long-term Relationships Bad News for Sex Drive

Security 'bad news for sex drive' - BBC

This answers a few questions, but it begs others. Why doesn't men's sex drive also vary?

A woman's sex drive begins to plummet once she is in a secure relationship, according to research.

Researchers from Germany found that four years into a relationship, less than half of 30-year-old women wanted regular sex.

Conversely, the team found a man's libido remained the same regardless of how long he had been in a relationship.

Writing in the journal Human Nature,...

The Happiness Hypothesis

Positive psychology, in essence, is about enhancing and optimizing lives. The notion of increasing overall happiness has gained currency as a social value, a more relevant measure of the success of a society than wealth, and something to be pursued politically; but on an...

What Happened to the Braintalk Communities?

Brain Talk 2 Communities Are Now Online!

On July 20, 2006, seems to have gone offline and hasn't been seen since. The message announcing its hardware/software failure hasn't been updated.

Anybody have any word or update as to its status? With a large community of over 50,000 members, such a long downtime is virtually unheard of these days of cheap servers and storage

If anybody knows anything, we're happy to lend a technical hand to get them back online and...

What do San Franciscans Value? The View or Human Life?

San Franciscans Try Again to Suicide-Proof the Golden Gate Bridge - New York Times (free reg. req'd)

It enrages me that the Golden Gate Bridge has no barrier to stop people from committing suicide. 69 years after the bridge was built, and a conservative estimate of 1200 people have died while jumping off of it, the people in charge of the bridge are still debating what type of fence to install (or whether to install one at all) to help try and reduce this...

Women Rule the Education Landscape

Over the past 3 decades, there has been a significant trend of increasing number of women attending college and earning degrees. New research shows that more women than ever are attending college, at rate much higher than that for men. This trend is strongly pronounced in psychology. Smaller numbers of men are graduating with undergraduate psychology degrees and 82% of people applying to pre-doctoral internships last year were women. Obviously there are still many majors and professions that are male dominated ( hard...

Expert: 40 Percent of World of Warcraft Players Addicted

Expert: 40 Percent of World of Warcraft Players Addicted

My colleague, psychologist Maressa Orzack at McLean Hospital outside of Boston, believes that up to 40% of World of Warcraft gamers are "addicted" to the game.

Just to clarify, since the headline doesn't make it clear (and neither does the ensuing Slashdot discussion), Dr. Orzack is not claiming that up to 40% of Word of Warcraft gamers are addicted based upon any actual evidence or surveys of players. This is just her opinion, based upon...