Not Crazy

Hosted by Gabe Howard & Lisa

The Not Crazy podcast is hosted by a guy with bipolar with his ex-wife, who lives with depression. Our unique hosting duo know first-hand that people don’t lay awake at night and wonder about the "state of their mental health," but might very well wonder whether or not they are crazy. It's the mental health podcast for people who hate mental health podcasts. Listen and subscribe today.

The podcast is hosted by Gabe Howard and is produced and co-hosted by Lisa. Learn more about them here. New episodes available every Tuesday on your favorite podcast player.

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Episodes of Not Crazy


Podcast: Deconstructing Mental Health Month

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month! But what does that mean, exactly? Who are we raising awareness for? Is “mental health” the same as “mental illness?” In this Not Crazy Podcast, Gabe and Lisa ponder the meaning of this decades-old campaign and discuss the pros and cons of the movement.


Podcast: It’s See You Later, Not Goodbye

All good things must come to an end. And today is one of those days. In this episode of The Not Crazy Podcast, we say a sad farewell to our amazing cohost, Jackie Zimmerman. Tune in, as Jackie and Gabe reminisce about the good old days, ponder the fate of podcasts, and discuss Jackie’s decision to leave. They also introduce you to Gabe’s new cohost, Lisa, who just happens to be his ex-wife. Yep! You heard that right! Will this divorced duo be an absolute train wreck (as most divorced cohosts would be) or an inspiration to all? You’ll have to stick around to find out.

Anxiety and Panic

Podcast: What is Mindfulness?

Is your mind constantly preoccupied with the past or the future? What if you could train your brain to just BE in the present moment? This is the essence of mindfulness -- simply being in the here-and-now (not worrying about that stupid thing you said last week), and gently noticing your surroundings and thoughts without judgment. In today’s podcast, Jackie enlightens a skeptical Gabe of the value of practicing mindfulness and how it can be a very useful tool in his mental health tool box. And she’s armed with scientific facts to break him down.

Anxiety and Panic

Podcast: Canceling Plans Due to Anxiety

Does your anxiety take over when it’s time to leave the house -- keeping you home more often than not? Do you cancel plans at the last minute due to that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach? Or maybe you are the friend that keeps getting canceled on. In today’s podcast, Gabe and Jackie discuss why this happens and how both parties -- the chronic canceler and the chronically disappointed friend -- can navigate this awkward scenario.


Podcast: Setting Boundaries With Your Family

Do you have difficult -- or even toxic -- family members? How does one go about setting boundaries with them? And is it OK to cut them off? In today’s Not Crazy podcast, Jackie and Gabe tackle these tough questions with Sonya Mastick, a mental health advocate and fellow podcaster of a show called “What Won’t She Say?” Sonya shares her personal story of how she handled her toxic mom and demonstrates how it’s OK, and sometimes even necessary, to set strong boundaries with family members who hurt you. It’s also OK if those boundaries shift and evolve with time.

Anxiety and Panic

Podcast: Quarantine and Declining Mental Health


Day 1,364 of the COVID-19 quarantine (well, at least it feels like it). How are you holding up? If you’re like most people, you’re not having much fun. But if you already struggle with anxiety, depression or another mental health issue, these days of isolation and uncertainty can feel like absolute torture. In today’s Not Crazy episode, Gabe laments the loss of his routine -- those regular activities he clung to religiously to keep his mental health in check.  Now what is he supposed to do?

Anxiety and Panic

Podcast: Smoking Weed for Anxiety – Fact vs Fiction


Cannabis, weed, marijuana, pot. It goes by several names, but we all know what it smells like. As weed becomes more mainstream, we on the Not Crazy podcast want to know: Is marijuana really an effective treatment for anxiety? Is it just a coping mechanism? Or a vice? In today’s podcast, Gabe and Jackie look at the research and weigh out the evidence. They also interview Eileen Davidson, a rheumatoid arthritis patient who regularly uses marijuana as a medicine to see what she has to say.

Anxiety and Panic

Podcast: Coronavirus – How to Keep it Together


How are you handling the coronavirus pandemic? Most people are struggling right now, but for those of us with mental illness, these days can feel truly overwhelming. Fear, depression, isolation and loss of routine are just a few of the difficulties many of us are facing. In today’s podcast, Gabe and Jackie discuss what we can do right now to make things just a little better, and they share their personal hopes and fears for humanity once this pandemic subsides.

Anxiety and Panic

Podcast: I Fear My Spouse Will Abandon Me


Do you struggle with abandonment fears? Do you worry your partner will suddenly ditch you even though there’s no real reason to feel this way? In today’s Not Crazy podcast, Gabe opens up about his own deep-rooted fear that his wife will decide she doesn’t want him anymore. After all, he concludes, what does he have to offer her? I mean, surely she can do better. And even though he knows these fears are unfounded and irrational, he feels helpless in stopping them.


Podcast: Is Creativity Enhanced By Mental Illness?


Are people with mental illness more creative? Jackie believes there may be a link between the two, while Gabe thinks it’s just a bunch of hoopla. Get ready -- they’ve both done their research and are ready to back their claims. Tune in to hear a lively (and friendly) debate on whether the science is valid, the difference between inspiration and creativity, as well as their own opinions and experiences on mental illness and creativity.


Podcast: Keeping a Job With Mental Illness

Do you live in constant fear of losing your job because of your illness? What are your options? In this podcast, Jackie and Gabe tackle this complex topic with real answers. They discuss the exact actions you can take in various scenarios, including who to contact for help. They also share their own stories of being fired when their employers deemed them too sick to be productive.