I never cease to be amazed at how a subconscious block – made of old ideas, beliefs, or impressions – can affect present day life.

Moreover, it’s possible for a subconscious block to totally sabotage your goals while leaving no clue as to its source.

In fact, you may be completely in the dark while said subconscious block has its way with you.

That’s why I found hypnotherapist Lora Cheadle’s article about goals and subconscious blocks to be so interesting.

I sent Lora a note to ask her some additional questions. Here are her responses pertaining to subconscious blocks.

The response to question #5 below is a compelling example of a subconscious block overcome by one of Lora’s clients.

A subconscious block is something within you that blocks you from achieving/doing or being that which you want to achieve/do or be.

If you have ever been frustrated with yourself and your ability to commit to something, then you may have a subconscious block.

Have you ever decided you were going to quit doing something and then, for some reason, did it anyway? Or, have you ever decided that you were going to start doing something such as a healthy habit, and despite having everything at your disposal necessary to do that thing, you dropped the ball and didnt do it?

The subconscious mind is basically a recording of everything that has ever happened to us in our life. The important, meaningful things get stored consciously because we want or need to remember those things, but the stuff that doesnt rise to the level of importance stays in the subconscious.

Most subconscious blocks arent actually repressed. Most subconscious blocks are things that werent important enough to rise to the level consciousness. They are simply things that we saw/heard/felt or believed that we accepted without question, and never consciously thought about.

You can become aware of your subconscious blocks by asking yourself a series of questions about what you are gaining by continuing the behavior that you want to change, and what you are afraid of when you think about your new, desired behavior.

Answering honestly is the key! If your answer sounds off, or like it makes no sense, then you have probably just hit on one of your subconscious blocks!

From there you can try to figure out where your beliefs came from, and you can try to imagine, visualize or pretend that you have achieved your goal. Having your mind move through the process of change before you actually start making the change, helps you to anticipate and prepare for possible setbacks and roadblocks.

You should always seek help when you find that your behavior is self-destructive. Seek help whenever you find that you are unhappy, dissatisfied or are having feelings of frustration or of not liking yourself.

Yes! I do a lot of work with women and weight loss. One client knew exactly what she needed to do in terms of exercising and eating right. She was smart, had resources and support, but could not drop weight.

Using hypnosis, we were able to figure out that her subconscious block was related to her childhood, when her mom abandoned her and moved to another state to start a life with a new man. She never saw her mom again after that day, and she despised her moms flighty behavior. She was raised by her step-father, who was a wonderful man and, as an adult, she did a lot of work around her abandonment issues.

Her step-father had always talked to her about the importance of being solid, like a rock and she always visualized herself as a huge, solid, unmovable lump. Consciously, she understood that he was parenting her to be responsible, stable and not flighty like her mom, but subconsciously she believed that she had to be a big, (overweight!) solid, blob in order to be rock solid.

She was wounded by her mothers behavior and consciously decided shed never, ever be flighty, but would instead be solid like a rock. Subconsciously, her mind said: This means you must be HEAVY!

We were both impressed by the literal nature of her mind and the subconscious block it had created. Overcoming this block took work. She imagined and visualized herself as light, but light felt flighty, like she would blow away. She couldnt do it.

We figured out that she could feel dense and solid like lead, thus satisfying both her need to feel solid and thin. Once we found a metal visual that satisfied both desires, she began dropping weight and has not gained weight since.

Lora Cheadle is a former attorney turned healer. As a certified hypnotherapist, she practices at Pyramid Fusion. She also hosts her own national radio show.