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Past life regression therapy…

It seems like woo-woo pseudoscience to some. To others, past life regression therapy is a provocative healing modality that transcends this mortal plane.

I’m generally a skeptic, but after hearing an iNLP Center student talk about her experience with past life regression therapy, I wanted to find an expert with whom to hold a discussion. Yet, I needed someone who could talk both sides of past life regression therapy – an expert practitioner who can sympathize with skepticism.

I found one.

Kelly Tallaksen is a board certified hypnotherapist who uses past life regression therapy in her practice. And she doesn’t claim to know it’s true. She does, however, know how helpful it can be to her clients who seem impossibly stuck.

What follows are Kelly’s words:

Past life regression therapy is not a new concept. The technique has been used for many years by mystical healers and has recently become more and more widely embraced by modern day psychologists and psychiatrists. However, past life regression therapy is still not fully accepted by many mental health practitioners due to disbelief in reincarnation.

Although science and spiritually are becoming more and more intertwined, there has not been adequate research on soul consciousness. We do, however, tend to talk about our souls as if we could reach deeply into this consciousness, with vogue thoughts like:

I met my soulmate. This is my souls purpose.I can feel it in my soul. We have a soul connection.

Yet, we really dont know much about the soul or have enough concrete evidence to prove we even have one. Science has only touched the tip of the iceberg regarding consciousness.

We base our beliefs on ancient mystical practices which we can easily learn about in a book or on the internet. If you search the words past life regression, you will be bombarded with websites, practitioners, courses and books on the subject. Past life regression therapy practices are being performed by people who claim to be an expert on reincarnation, the afterlife, the journey of the soul, the spirit world, guides and masters, angels and the laws of karma.

Several noteworthy professionals have also contributed to past life regression therapy.

An American Christian mystic by the name of Edgar Cayce (March 1877-January 1945), nicknamed the sleeping prophet, would go into a self-induced trance and answer questions for people to help them heal certain ills. Edgar Cayce would speak of the trauma they endured during a previous life, which would be the cause of their emotional or physical distress in their current life.

Psychotherapist Dr. Roger Woolger believes that our unknown and unresolved past life traumas are affecting us in our current lifetime. Dr. Carl Jung also believed past life memories are explored through the collective unconscious and could belong to the explorers ancestors.

Past life regression therapy is a technique that has been used successfully for many years in helping people heal emotional trauma. So if reincarnation is not a true phenomenon but only an unsubstantiated theory, then how is it that the technique of past life regression therapy is so successful in healing practices? What is the client or patient tapping into when they go into that trance state as they follow their facilitators guided direction into another lifetime?

I do not know for sure as there are many unanswered questions and many discredited past life stories. However, I will say that past life regression therapy is an effective healing modality. From my own experience of practice, I believe anyone who is willing to give it chance will have an experience; and that experience will somehow tie into the explorers current life challenges.

Does the mind create what we unconsciously feel? Is it possible that we can experience the memories of our ancestors with vivid scenes and intense emotions? Do we have a soul and does our soul consciousness experience many lifetimes here on Earth? Is there really such a thing as karma?

No matter what we know at this time about consciousness, there is still so much we do not know. The most important thing I can say about past life regression therapy is that it is one modality that offers deep and permanent healing in a short time.

The self-awareness during a past life regression therapy session is the most powerful part of the healing process. Not only does the explorer gain insight about an aspect of themselves they were not aware of, but they use their current life resources to help their past life personality heal the trauma, thereby releasing the trauma from soul consciousness.

By releasing the trauma from soul consciousness, they automatically heal their similar current life emotional trauma.

In this modern day of alternative healing, we have to consider more about what works and not so much on why it works.

Possibly a persons ego will not let them own up to their part in their unhappy ill-fated life, so blaming a past life personality for their difficulties and challenges just might be the only way they can heal. No matter what the true source of the memories that arise during past life regression therapy, the insight that is gained, the healing that occurs and the sense of deeper purpose that is experienced cannot be easily matched by any other therapy.

Adequate training in past life regression therapy is necessary in order to perform a safe and effective past life regression therapy session. Past life regression is not for all people seeking emotional healing, but it remains a great tool for the therapists toolbox because it takes healing to a whole new level.

People need to identify with a higher aspect of themselves in order to feel connected to something greater than how they currently see themselves. This is where self-healing can take place.

Kelly Tallaksen, Board Certified HypnotistHypnosis and Past Life Regression InstructorContributing Author: The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis, Accessing Divine Wisdom Website: Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis