Beneden Health in the U.K. has produced a worthwhile study that shows the average person spends years of life wrapped in chronic worry.

The study shows that people spend an aeverage of 14 hours a week brooding over the weight, poor relationships, the cost of living and other stressors.

Many claim stress makes it impossible to concentrate at work, only adding to the worry. Additionally, an average of six nights sleep per month were lost due to excessive worry.

Here are is the list of the top 30 biggest worries.

1. Stomach/ being overweight

2. Getting old 3. Lack of savings/ financial future 4. Overall fitness 5. Overdrafts and loans 6. Low energy levels 7. Credit card debt 8. Paying rent/mortgage 9. Job security 10. Diet 11. Keeping the house clean 12. Finding a new job 13. Sex life 14. Generally unhappy 15. Wrinkles or ageing appearance 16. Whether or not I am attractive 17. Physique 18. Meeting work targets or goals 19. Does my partner still loves me 20. Whether I’ll find or / are am with the right partner 21. Whether I’m in the right career 22. Friend or family issues 23. Parenting skills 24. Unhealthy reliance or addiction 25. Driving 26. Pet’s health 27. Child’s health 28. Dress sense 29. Worrying I’m ill but yet to be tested/ seek help 30. Partner is cheating/may cheat

1. Sleepless nights 2. Lost confidence 3. Arguments with partner 4. Reduced appetite 5. Poor performance at work 6. Distance from partner 7. Avoided a social event 8. Increased alcohol consumption 9. Got a bit paranoid 10. Nausea

14.31 hours per week worrying

744 hours worrying a year

45, 243 hours of worry in a lifetime

1,885 days of worry in a lifetime

5.2 years of worry

Around 45% of those studied admitted stress and worry had directly affected their health.