Find the sweetest, most codependent woman alive. This is imperative or nothing wonderful can come of the system for breaking your woman’s psyche I’m about to relate.

Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

Trigger Warning Sarcasm Warning

The ideal woman comes from an abusive home. If you’re lucky, one or both of her parents will hale from the narcissist camp. She’ll come to your arms broken in, broken down…just plain broken. The perfect foil to your dramas. A playground for your brainwashing and mind control. A child woman who was never allowed to fully mature, thanks to her narcissistic mama. A cat-on-a-hot-tin-roof, ripe and ready for Stockholm Syndrome.

And best of all, she’ll never, and I mean never stand up to you. Now that’s a woman you can fall in love with!

A kind, sensitive, loving woman who’ll worship and adore you. Trust you implicitly. The honeymoon never ends because you call the shots. And, with a few insults and put-downs, you can get her to do anything for you and anything to your child. Even get her to refuse to meet her step-grand-children.


The trick is make her believe she’s a bad mama. Demean her in the most vulnerable and precious part of her persona…her motherhood…and she’ll hand over her baby on a silver platter. Then, gossip about her behind her back to your child. Gossip about her lateness, forgetting the mustard, whatever.

Of course, there may come a day when the proverbial lightbulb flickers in your woman’s psyche. Call it a midlife crisis or menopause. Whatever. The worst happens and suddenly she finds her voice.

Damn it! Suddenly, the dame has her own Opinions. Questions. Accusations. Regrets. Her brainwashing slipped, the mind control is failing. After seventeen years of marriage, she baited-and-switched you. Your narcissistic supply of her worship, trust and acquiescence is gone!

What to do?


Fly into a rage when she’s wants to have another of those intimate talks with you. Scream. Swear. Beat the air, the woodwork, furniture, countertops with your fists. Pass out on the floor from lack of oxygen. Kick out a door. Physically restrain her when she tries to walk away from you. Terrorize her when she’s at her most vulnerable.

It’ll only take a couple of months, and she’ll have her first panic attack. And behind the wheel of the car. Couldn’t be better! She’ll never drive again. Sweet, sweet Stockholm Syndrome. You have your own personal hostage and by her own choice!

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And with the panic attacks comes OCD and anxiety. That fight-or-flight feeling in Crowds. Queues. Church. The theatre. Anyplace besides home becomes her Waterloo. It if weren’t for your completely submissive adult daughter, physically by her side at all times like some Psychological Teddy Bear, she’d never leave the house. And that’d be okay too.

And speaking of your daughter, spend more time talking with and pawing at your now-grown adult daughter than you do with your woman. Gossip about her together. Make her feel uncomfortable in her own home, talked about, the “dish of the day.”

After all, as you told your daughter, She’s a chicken shit, afraid of her own shadow. You just have good boundaries. Her anxiety is her problem, not yours. Her hair pulling (trichotillomania) is her problem, not yours. Shame her for it. Why should you take her out or help her learn to drive again? If your daughter wants to, that’s her choice. It’s no concern of yours. You don’t even have to take your wife to the dentist. Your daughter takes time off of work to do it. Just another perk in forbidding her to move out. Gotta’ love that girl!

How well does the system for breaking your woman’s psyche work? Well, the dame hasn’t left the house alone nor gotten behind the wheel of a car for two decades. So…

I’d say it works like a charm!

P.S. Need I say this article is extremely tongue-in-cheek and sarcastic? I watched this real-life scenario happen to a woman I loved and I was powerless to help her, although I tried. I wrote it for all women who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, etc.
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