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Moving Out of Fear and into Your Life

Don't Be Afraid To Be Great. Quote.What is stopping you from achieving your goals in life? There are lots of things that may hinder you from taking the action required to make changes in your life, grow and reach certain goals. Fear can be one of those hurdles that continues to limit people from scaling greater heights. Fortunately, fear is a normal occurrence and it depends on your ability to move out of it in order to become what you have always wanted to be.

Fear is the sign of a window of opportunity. When you move closer to your dreams, you can rest assured that you will encounter fear. It is because of fear that you stop telling your truth and expressing yourself authentically. It then becomes challenging to move forward. However, did you know that you can move out of fear and into your life?

Steps to overcome fear

The journey towards overcoming fear and living authentically will certainly start with a single step and as you move forward, you will be able to reap the benefits of leading an empowered life. Although overcoming your fear might seem impossible, it can be done only if you are willing to do what it takes. Be sure to identify your fears before embarking on this journey. When you have a better sense and appreciation for what you are afraid of your journey will be easier to navigate. Here is an overview on how to go about the process of overcoming your fear.

  1. Start with small steps.
    Before you can be able to handle tasks that instill great fear in you, you might consider starting with smaller tasks that are not very demanding. The intensity of fear that overcomes you is determined by the magnitude of responsibility you are expected to handle. By gradually facing your fears and the anxiety that comes with them, you will create a growing sense of resiliency and self-confidence.
  2. Be real and authentic.
    We live in a world where we compare our lives to that of others. As a result, people become more uncertain of themselves and in their direction in life. Fear can paralyze us and while life is moving and constantly changing we can get left behind.Know who you are…your passions, purpose, dreams, goals and special gifts. Your authenticity will enable you to make the bold decisions that will define you and ultimately nurture your well-being.
  3. Build positive thoughts.
    Bearing negative thoughts is one major cause of fear. You are afraid that your plans may not go as expected. Instead, channel your energy towards thinking about how you will achieve your goals and what steps to take in order to achieve them. Fear can lead you to throw in the towel even before you have started your journey.
  4. Live in the present.
    Your thoughts should only be concentrated on what you are doing now. Thinking about the past will only discourage you whereas thinking about the future will make you more anxious. Avoid dwelling on your past mistakes or even thinking about the mistakes you might make in the future. Making mistakes is inevitable on your journey to success. Focusing on the mistakes of the past, however, will only serve to draw energy away from the action required to succeed in the moment.
Moving Out of Fear and into Your Life

Julie K. Jones, Ph.D., LPC

Julie K. Jones, Ph.D., LPC is the owner and director of Well Life Therapy, LLC, a private group psychotherapy practice in Middletown, CT. She and her clinical team offer a wide range of services and specialties including perinatal/postpartum support, trauma recovery, couples and family counseling, and teen/young adult assistance. She is a founding member and board member of the Connecticut Chapter of Postpartum Support International.

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