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Mental Health Bloggers We Miss, 2010

Mental Health Bloggers We Miss, 2010It seems that a year doesn’t go by that another mental health, psychology or psychiatry blogger doesn’t hang up their keyboards and step out of the blogosphere (heck, we still miss Shrinkette from 2006).

People stop blogging for all sorts of reasons (anonymous bloggers who fear for their future professional career; lack of interest or boredom; moving on in life to other projects or interests; family or personal life or issues; etc.). But we still miss them nonetheless.

So for 2010, here’s our list of bloggers who have either stopped blogging or stopped blogging nearly so much on mental health, psychology or psychiatry issues that we miss them.

Furious Seasons

One of our favorite journalism-driven bloggers from the past few years, Philip Dawdy seems to be MIA after focusing on Washington state’s battle to get marijuana legalized. We miss his digging into records and court documents to give us the scoop on what was going down in the world of pharma lawsuits. His last update was in February 2010.

Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry: A Closer Look

Although CL Psych has updated as recently as May 2010, his posts have been steadily dropping in frequency since 2007, going down a third in each successive year. That’s a big, noticeable drop and one that demonstrates something is impacting CL Psych’s ability to update his blog as regularly as he did in the peak year. We hope it’s good things happening in CL Psych’s life, but he’s not telling (at least not so far).

The Trouble With Spikol

You might argue that Liz Spikol shouldn’t be on this list, since she says she is still updating her blog, but just not as often. She’s only posted 12 times this year, and nothing since early June 2010. She actually commented on her reduced posting in this entry which explains the reason — she has a full-time job that isn’t about blogging. It’s no wonder, then, that we feel as we’ve lost one of the wonderful voices in mental health blogging — she spoiled us with her weekly posts previously.

Nurse Ratched’s Place

Blogging since 2006, first at Blogspot, then at her own website, we enjoyed reading this psychiatric nurse’s perspective on all things mental health, society and life. With over 24 years of psychiatric nursing experience, you could always rely on her perspective to bring something to the table you hadn’t thought of before. Then her husband died in February 2010, and it’s been choppy blogging ever since (understandably so). We still miss her though.

We know people come and go in the blogosphere, just as in real life, and we’re okay with that. But we did want to let these bloggers know they were appreciated and are missed.

?Have a mental health, psychology or psychiatry blogger you miss who’s no longer blogging? Add your favorites below.

Mental Health Bloggers We Miss, 2010

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