As we head into Fourth of July Holiday weekend there are going to be BBQ’s and gatherings and it brings attention to the debate over social distancing. There has been a lot of discussions and controversy over people who wear masks, or people who don’t wear masks, and people who practice social distancing, and those that don’t practice social distancing. This weekend may pose a challenge for those of us that want to socialize, yet want to maintain social distancing as well. The challenge can be when your friends don’t adhere to social distancing. In my life it has started to effect my friendships.

Last weekend two of my friends wanted to come Downtown and hang out. One of them was on his way to a restaurant that just re-opened and the other was on his way to a bar, and I found myself in a dilemma. It all started over a week ago when another one of my friends called me from another state where she was vacationing, and I was surprised to hear that she got on a plane and was in a high risk state with her family. I try my best not to judge people, but I couldn’t hide my surprise at her decision to leave her home state and fly to another state for a vacation. I told her I was surprised that she went and felt push back like she didn’t want to hear it. That’s fine. You do you and I’ll do me, but in this recent situation over the weekend, I found myself thinking I don’t want to hang out with friends that aren’t socially distancing themselves, or don’t wear a mask. So when my friends wanted to hand out I didn’t know if I should lie and just say I was busy, or be honest and say I wasn’t comfortable being around a friend knowing they are not taking recommended steps to better ensure safety from the Corona virus.

Then when I thought about the response my friend had when I expressed concern for her traveling on a plane and thought maybe it was best to just lie, however, after giving it more thought I was like no. I’m not going to lie cause you might not want to hear that I don’t want to be in your presence if you haven’t been responsibly cautious. I’m not going to pretend I’m okay with their decision to behave in a manner that I deem irresponsible. I’m not going to lie to avoid a conversation that they might not be having with their other friends either.

So I decided to tell the truth. Well, I texted the truth which said the numbers of infected people have risen and I am more comfortable staying home alone and isolating. I didn’t pass any judgement on whatever they were doing, but I made it about me which I think was the right thing to do. Did it hurt their feelings? Well, both of those friends think the pandemic is a hoax to begin with, and foster conspiracy theories which I try to ignore and do what I can not to engage in any such conversations for I find them ridiculous, but if that is their story, their take on the pandemic, and their understanding of the situation, I’m not here to persuade them otherwise. I am also not here to put myself at risk.

Sorry, but not sorry. You can’t come over. We are not getting together in person. We can talk over the phone or text but that’s it. I’m practicing social distancing from my friends to practice what I believe I need for myself, and I hope others that are in this situation with friends and/or family do what’s best for them and exercise some self preservation. I hope people take precaution over this Holiday weekend, and should you find yourself in a awkward social distance situation with regards to your friends you can either lie or tell the truth. It’s up to you.