When I wrote my original post, “I Blocked Him, So Now What,” I received an outpour of comments, and heard so many stories about the blocking game, that I find it necessary to elaborate and dive deeper into this experience.

Until recently, I have been blocked by my ex, and I have him blocked on my phone so what does he do? He calls me, but not from his personal number, but from a no caller ID number which you can’t block. Most people don’t pick up blocked calls but if you do, you risk the chance that the person on the other line is the person you were trying to block.

Yet, interestingly enough, I don’t think he is calling from an unidentified number just because I am not able to block it, I think he’s calling me from an unidentified number cause the last time he sent me a sex text on his regular phone number – and it was not the first time, I have suffered many inappropriate texts and got fed up – I took a pic of the text and sent it to his girlfriend that I happened to find out about through social media. What kind of idiot isn’t aware that his girlfriend shows pictures of them traveling all throughout Europe all over her Facebook page, with a profile pic of them standing together arm and arm in front of the Eiffel Tower. I mean really?

So, of course it was my fault that I brought it to her attention that he was still trying to see me and sleep with me in an effort to make him stop. Then he left a rude message blasting me stating he would never contact me again. Yeah, I’ve heard that tune before, and knew it was only a matter of time till he would hit me up again. But the next time he was savvy enough to hide his identity probably in fear that I would decide to forward his call to his girlfriend.

Now here I am trying to keep him blocked, yet he reaches out through a no caller ID number which really positions him to be in control of our communication. Sometimes a no caller ID is a solicitor. Sometimes it’s a business call. Sometimes it’s an emergency. So now I’m kinda trapped if I am trying to avoid him.

Over a span of a few days, after multiple no caller ID calls, I finally gave in and picked up the phone and of course it was him. So now basically I know when I get a multitude of calls back to back that he is desperately trying to reach me, and I have to just take it cause I am not able to block unidentified callers.

So my phones blowing up, and after several attempts he finally leaves a message asking me to call him back. I guess that means he had unblocked me from his personal number so I could reach him but funny thing is, I wonder what my name is on his phone if my call comes in. We know it’s a guys name. Probably something basic like Dave, or Rob, or Ricardo. Someone he works with that she doesn’t know, or someone from high school she never met. It’s definitely not my name in case she happens to see that I called, or happens to go through his phone in the middle of the night and find out that he has been attempting to communicate with me.

Needless to say, his tactics are pretty smart but, he’s not as smart as he thinks or maybe just thinks I’m nave. If he wasn’t in a relationship, he wouldn’t have to call me from an unidentified number, other than the fact those numbers can’t be blocked. And even if he were to leave me a message, asking me to call him back, “John” calls him back.

The sad truth about all this is, although I know his game, I’m kinda at a loss. Am I supposed to never pick up a “No Caller Id” number for the rest of my life? No. And if I do pick up and tell him to stop calling me, is that going to stop him? Probably not. That tactic hasn’t worked for me in the past so, that is not really an option for me either, unless I change my number which I am not willing to do.

To sum up, whether you are being blocked or you are the blocker, this blocking game is stupid, immature, rude, messy, mind manipulating, time consuming, and intolerable. If you block someone to try and delete them from your life, chances are the person on the other end knows that you can’t block an unidentified number. But it could also mean they are seeing someone and they don’t want anyone to know that they are trying to reach you. And if you aren’t blocked, and you call them, chances are you come up as a fake name.

Like I said, this game is ubiquitous and happens to a lot of people on multiple levels. Below is the original article on this subject. I encourage you to take a look at the comments for a lot of people contributed heartfelt honest stories on their experience of being blocked, which might be insightful and helpful.

I Blocked Him, So Now What