Recently, a sensational pieceof gossip popped up about mega-watt celebrity Jared Letoinvolving a well-known transgender actress named Alexis Arquettewho claims that she slept with Leto at a time when she presented as male.

The buzz-worthy source of chit-chatappeared in LA Frontiers, Southern California’s oldest LGBT magazine.

In an August 3rd interview,the actress spilled about one of hersecrets in response to aquestion asked by Jackie Beat. Arquette’s answercertainly did not disappoint.

Leto’s Anatomy mentioned in the interview

Not only did the actress claim that she slept with Leto but she went on to make some interestingcommentsabout the size and shapeof a certain body part attached to the star:

And, yes, its not only massive; its like a Praetorian Guards helmet

The alleged incident, which some are calling a gay romp, has set off a firestorm of discussions around the web about the truthfulness of the claims made by Arquette.

The gossip has also caused some to become curious about thesexual orientation of Jared Leto.

Controversy nothing new for Leto

Ive been following Jared Leto for some time now and truly admire his body of work. The star not only is an accomplished vocalist (Hes the lead singer in band, 30 Seconds to Mars) Leto is also an Oscar winning actor.

He picked up the prestigious award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Rayon in the hit movie, Dallas Buyers Club, co-starring Matthew McConaughey.

In this film, Leto plays the part of a HIV+ transgender woman living in Texas who becomes involved in an underground treatment effort designed to help others living with the virus extend their lives.

It is in movies, like Dallas Buyers Club, that we can extract several life lessons as “take-aways” in helping us reach our own life goals … which is what this blog is all about.

How is that you say?

One of those life lessons involves risk. As we see with the blue eyed Leto, he isnot afraid to take on parts that may be controversial.

This cannot be said of many actors, who prefer to stick to more traditional roles, like Tom Welling.

For example, in Dallas Buyers Club, the star upset a number of transgender individuals who felt the part should have been played by someone who actually identified as trans.

Additionally, some folks were unhappy that he did not mention transgender people in his award acceptance speech.

Finally, there are always concerns about taking on parts which may typecast an actor.

Here’s another “controversy” example …

In the movie, Alexander (2004) directed by Oliver Stone, Leto played the part of Hephaistion, a film in which more than a few intimated he was Alexander the Greats gay lover.

In the movie, Alexander was played by Colin Farrell.

Life Lessons from Jared Leto

I have no idea the sexual orientation of Jared Leto and honestly could care less if he is gay, straight or bi. What I do careabout however are the life lessons that we can gleanfrom this gifted and talented actor.

Here are three big ones that come to mind for all of us to consider as part of our own approach to reaching life goals.

1. Take risks

Jared Leto has often bucked conventional thinking about appearing in different movie roles and has taken on parts that others may have skipped because they were afraid of potential negative press or type-casting.

In Letos case, he has successfully been able to amass an impressive collection of work by being open to different kinds of acting, as witnessed by his IMDb file.

He also did this by taking risks and tuning out the negative naysayers. In fact, his ability to tune out negativity is a trait all of us should think about.

2. Have wide appeal

One of Jared Letos gifts includes his ability to appeal to a massive fan base that includes women, men, straights, gays, transgender people, persons of color and every other demographic under the rainbow.

His followers are genuinely loyal to him and support the stars work because they really like him.

Not all celebrities have that kind of connection with their fan base however, Leto does.

In this way, he is similar to now deceased Robin Williams and Paul Walker.

3. Be Mindful

A little unknown factoid about Leto is that he is pretty big on mindfulness. It is perhaps for this reason that the star never seems to age.

He told GQ Magazine(UK) back in March of 2013 that he has been focusing on self-care for some time, which helps him look much younger than his years. 20 solid years of eating vegetarian/vegan and taking care of myself,he shared.

The actor is also heavily involved in mindful yogaand makes sure he gets plenty of sleep.

Final Thoughts

People have different thoughts and reactions when it comes to Jared Leto. Personally speaking, I greatly admire his music and his acting.

One of the reasons I dig the dude so much is that he doesnt seem to give a hoot what people think of him. He uses the skills he was born with to entertain others, at times appearing in films that create awareness around historical events and speak to important social issues.

In many ways, Leto shares traits similar to other mega-watt celebrities who are the subject of much gossip and speculation, such as Chris Pineand Adam Levine.

My own sense is that a certain amount of controversy helps a given celeb more than it hurts them.

In fact, arguments have been made that widening a fan base is a pretty smart approach for long-term success in the cut throat entertainment industry.

Jared Leto is not likely to talk about the claims made by Alexis Arquette. In the past, the actor has shared in interviews that he prefers not to comment on his personal relationships with others. I for one respect that.

In the final analysis, does it really matter who Jared Leto allegedly slept with anyway?

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