5 Life Lessons from Chris Pine

Chris Pine is one of the fastest rising stars in Hollywood and it seems folks want to know everything about him. Fans are curious about who Pine is dating, what he looks like shirtless and if those aqua blue eyes are real!

This undeniably handsome male actor has moved at warp speed to mega-watt celebrity status in what seems like a nanosecond. If he isn’t staring in a new movie, hes covering GQ. Was it all because of Star Trek or is something else going on?

What is Pines secret to success? What can we learn?

Ever since I can remember, I have observed human behavior and particularly celebrities.

Im not really interested in how much wealth they have accumulated or who they may be sleeping with. While that kind of information can be fun to know, it really doesn’t do it for me.

Instead, Im interested in their personal stories and specifically, their pasts. You see by exploring their life challenges and their struggles, we can gain a better understanding of how they arrived at a place of success in the here and now. And since this blog is about reaching life goals, it seems to be the perfect conduit for sharing.

And so I’ve followed Chris Pines career and glimpsed into his past, which has afforded me a bit of insight which I would like to share with you here.

What follows are 5 Life Lessons we can all learn from Chris Pine to help us reach important life goals . Think of these as his secrets to success.

Lets jump right in!


1. Embrace Diversity

One of the first things that leaps out about Chris Pine is his ability to embrace diversity. The star is known for being open minded and non-judgmental of others. While he identifies as heterosexual, he has cultivated a large gay following. Because growing a fan base for celebrities is a game of addition, Pine knew early on that it was important to connect with all segments of society.

While many actors are fearful of any roles which might typecast them, Pine took the opposite approach. He played the part of a gay man (Shawn Christian) in the Television movie, Surrender Dorothy (2006) starring Diane Keaton. This role did not seem to harm him as it would only be 3 short years later that he would play the role of Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek(2009).

Life Lesson: Embrace everyone and be ready to take risks!

2. Dont be pretentious

Another characteristic that becomes obvious about Pine when you study his past is simply this he is down to earth and real. In numerous interviews, the reporters describe the star as laid back and non-pretentious. This kind of persona is contrarian to what we witness in so many young celebs.

Here we see a star could easily put on airs, given his background. Many are unaware that Chris Pines father, Robert, is a celebrity in his own right with a number of roles and credits under his belt with parts on popular 70s shows like CHiPS, Magnum PI , Star Trek and Beverly Hills 90210. And Chris Pines mother is a former actress and now a psychotherapist. Finally, Pines grandmother, Anne Gywnne, was also a Hollywood star.

Life Lesson:Be real and authentic.

3. Be Human and Relatable

In a number of interviews, Chris Pine has shared that he is an emotional guy. In a magazine interview he publicly disclosed that he felt like an oddball growing up. He also revealed that at times, he cries – “I cry all the time — at work, at the shrink’s, with my lady ”

This one characteristic about Pine is what makes him so endearing to his fans. He is a person that comes off as a human being. By his own account, he is not nearly as macho as the character he portrays in Star Trek as Captain Kirk. His humanness, a genuine characteristic that cannot be manufactured or faked, is likely a result of his upbringing. He considers his father to be his hero, according to the same information appearing in US Magazine. His mothers work has a helping professional no doubt has also had a profound impact on his worldview. There is a lot to be learned from Pine here.

Lesson: Dont be afraid to show emotion

4. Own Your Mistakes

Many people do not know this but in March of 2014, Pine was found guilty of a DUI (Driving While Intoxicated) in a New Zealand court. This incident happened during the filming of the movie, Z for Zachariah. The particulars of the incident can be found in a People Magazine article available online. As a result of the DUI, Pine was given a six-month driving ban.

What is notable about this particular incident are two things. The first is that Pine acknowledged through his lawyer that he made the wrong decision the evening the DUI took place. In other words, he took full responsibility for his actions. The second take-away is how very little has been made of this issue.

I suspect the strength of Pines character, his honesty, caused him to own his mistake and not make a public spectacle of the event like so many celebs do in a pathetic play for press. While I am not OK with anyone involved with driving while intoxicated and think what he did was dangerous to others and himself, I do think there is something to be said for owning a mistake.

Lesson: When you are wrong own it.

5. Ritualize Self-Care

One of the things that sticks out about Pine is that self-care has become ritualized in his life. According to a plethora of interviews given by the star, he puts a premium on making sure exercise and physical activity are part

of his weekly routine. Perhaps this is because he needs to stay in shape for the entertainment industry however, I suspect something else is at play.

Pine has appeared in a new film or television show since 2003 and in some years, multiple films. My sense is that Pine, like most actors who want to remain relevant and employed, need to find healthy ways of working through stress.

When you look at his workouts, as featured in Mens Health he engages in more than mere strength training. Specifically, we see he engages in Yoga and boxing two activities that are known to be effective for stress reduction and channeling pent up energy.

It is easy for outsiders to see a celebrity of Pines fame and perhaps think to themselves, Oh must have it so easy! In truth, its completely opposite for many stars. There is an old saying in the entertainment industry that goes something like this you are only as good as your last show. In other words, the acting business can be brutal.

With the celebrities and film writers I have consulted with as a behavioral scientist, I can share with you that many are under a great deal of stress almost all of the time. These stresses include: the need to find new gigs, rejection for various roles, a lack of privacy, constant media attention and image management. While these may seem like minor issues, I encourage you to imagine walking in their shoes and do away with the glitz-and-glam.

How would you fair if you were only as good as your last performance at work? How about tomorrow and the next day and so on? How would your relationships fair under a constant schedule of travel? Would you need couples or marriage counseling as a result? Just something to think about.

The point here is that stress is a very real part of being a celebrity. Being able to properly channel that stress in healthy ways is key to survival and long term success.

Lesson: Make self-care a priority


Now 33, Pine is a known commodity around the world. He has propelled himself to mega-watt celebrity status in record time and did so with more than just good looks. He is known to be a thinker and extremely smart.

Look at the record ever since graduating with a bachelors degree in 2002 from University of California Berkeley, he has continuously worked ever since. How many celebrities can say that? There is more than luck going on here.

As I shared at the beginning of this article, Chris Pine has a secret …and its a secret to success.

What can you learn from this actor to apply in your own life?


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