Introducing Your Body, Your MindThis is going to be a busy week for us and new blog introductions, as we have a whole slew who are joining the Psych Central Blog Network family. We’re proud and honored to introduce each of these blogs and bloggers individually, because each one is a new, valuable member worth highlighting.

First up actually comes from one of our existing bloggers, Alicia Sparks (whom you may recognize from her blogging on Celebrity Psychings, which she will also continue).

Your Body, Your Mind is intended to explore the impact that physical health has on our brains and mental health. It will examine  the intersection of our minds and mental health with exercise, walking, diet, types of foods we eat (like a gluten-free diet), and other physical activities, to figure out what things might improve our well-being, and what things are likely to have little impact.

“Over the years, I’ve used physical activity both with and without medication as a way to boost mental wellness and keep my own mental health balanced,” says Alicia. “I’ve discovered certain kinds of activity work best for a particular result (for me), while others work best for other results.”

This blog will explore how physical activity impacts our mental health and feelings of happiness, and help others draw the connections that work for them.

Known for her no holds barred approach to tackling the universe, Alicia Sparks is a freelance writer and editor who recently made it out of her 20s alive, harbors love for Dave Matthews Band and Raylen Givens, advocates for animal rights, scribbles things for which she has yet to be paid, pretends to be a photographer, longs to go to Hogwarts, and drinks coffee. A lot of it. She has also been a regular Psych Central blogger for years at Celebrity Psychings. You can learn more about her here.

Please give Alicia a warm Psych Central welcome to her new blog!