Introducing ADHD: From A to ZoeI know we just launched our first blog devoted to attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and related issues last week. But now I’m pleased to bring you a second one, too. Sometimes fate just works that way.

I’m pleased to introduce you today to ADHD: From A to Zoë, a blog about a woman who lives with ADHD with the hyperactivity. (It’s now commonplace to abbreviate attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as ADHD, even though some people who have this disorder don’t experience hyperactivity and it’s often just referred to as attention deficit disorder.) I met Zoë through Pete Quily, an ADHD coach whose regular and consistent tweeting I enjoy.

This blog explores ADHD from the unique perspective of a woman who experiences the H — hyperactivity — component of the condition. Zoë Kessler will candidly share what she’s learned through personal insights & anecdotes from “outside the box.” She’ll also explore a variety of topics including new developments, book reviews, coping tips, and much more.

Zoë Kessler has been a freelance writer since 1985. She’s written for ADDitude Magazine, MS. Magazine, MacLean’s Magazine, MORE Magazine, Today’s Parent, Cottage Life, Dogs Annual, and many others, including a weekly humor/local issues column, “A to Zoë,” for the Sun Times, a daily newspaper.

Zoë was diagnosed with ADHD at age 47. Since then, she’s written about a variety of ADHD-related topics for print and radio, including a CBC Radio One piece about her difficult choice to take medication to treat her symptoms. She’s also written, performed and produced standup comedy about living with ADHD.

I’m looking forward to Zoë’s blog and hope that if you have attention deficit disorder, or know someone who does, you check out her blog. And if you could head on over to her blog and give her a warm Psych Central welcome, that would be great!!

Visit the blog now: ADHD: From A to Zoë