PAN…demic: “an outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population.” ( definition)

Unprecedented: “never done or known before.” ( definition)

Haven’t pandemics occurred before? Yes. What makes Covid-19 unprecedented? When has the globe been on simultaneous lockdown? When has a huge segment of the Earth’s population been accessorized with daily masks?! When has the human footprint/movement of millions of alive humans been halted?

Pan..ic not!

Can we endure this? (As easy? as washing my hands thoroughly and frequently.)

Fan! I’m wearing my mask when around people to be on the safe side.

Man, I’m tired of being inside! It’s hard for those of us who are very depressed and isolated. Teleconferencing with friends can help keep us connected and positive.

Good opportunity to discover how to get along with each Other. Think I may be discerning the meaning of “essential” activity and essential relationships.

Can we spot the truth? What we “think” is going on and what actually is going on may not match up.

(Please see part two.)