No other time I can think of in MY history do I feel WE/YOU need to hear the following words… “It’s all gonna be OKAY.“ Yes, while this coronavirus spreads throughout the world new things are coming to light about humanity. What is that? It’s that people actually care! We are really in this together and that’s not a cliche it’s a fact. Everybody can do something that can help someone get through this difficult and challenging time.

What can you do? What about singing or smiling or sending a handwritten letter to a friend or loved one? You can do something that will help you feel better about yourself because you know you’re helping someone else. Today, it’s all about the small things, no huge big gestures just the simple small things. They can make all the difference to a friend, loved one, or strangers life. You can help family members face these challenging times and coping with this dilemma this pandemic…WITH JUST SMALL THINGS!

It’s all gonna be OKAY

It’s the Wild West of social distancing! NO contact – contact! We can still virtually take our peer’s hand in hand and help with a phone call, video chat, a text message or even an email. You don’t have to have an important conversation! It can be about nothing at all and that can be probably the funniest conversation you can have with somebody, just shooting the…you know what! The goal is social communication equals helping others cope with these challenges that we face today.

Here is a fun thing to try, UPDATE your contacts. Yes, go ahead, weed through your email, and phone contacts. Send a simple message – or – just send people a quick “hello” and be surprised how many replay… I mean really reply right away…lol, what else do they have to do today but Self-quarantine?

You will help others, but don’t spam them. 🙂

It’s all gonna be OKAY!