How Kathryn Tristan Overcame Her Anxiety - And You Can Too!Research scientist and author Kathryn Tristan was unable to fly or leave her hometown for over 20 years.

But after working from the inside out, as she puts it, Tristan was able to move past her overwhelming anxiety and panic. Through the use of specific techniques, she’s been able to quell them and lead a fulfilling life.

Below, Tristan, who’s also author of the forthcoming book Why Worry? Stop Coping and Start Living (available December 4, 2012), reveals the four strategies that have helped her overcome anxiety and worry.

* * *

I discovered four key strategies or steps to overcoming my fears and worries. I call these CORE concepts because they draw on inner resources, tug them back to the surface of the conscious mind and create the foundation for recovery.

The C in CORE stands for Choice. I learned a very powerful truth: Worry is a Choice. I can accept or veto what my mind is suggesting.

The O stands for Outlook. How I think about anything determines how I experience everything In other words, I can choose to change my outlook regarding any situation. This creates a fundamental shift in how I think about my challenges. I become the one who controls my responses and reactions. That places me squarely in the driver’s seat of life.

The R stands for Risk. Worriers don’t embrace the idea of doing anything risky that might amplify feelings of fear. As I began to take small steps out of my comfort zone, I found something amazing: The joy I felt doing new things and challenging myself far outweighed the discomfort of taking measured risks.

Finally, the E stands for Embracing Your Spirit.  By cultivating the highest part of myself (the aspect that loves life, gives direction through my feelings and perceives meaning beyond the five senses), I created a core of self-perpetuating inner power. No matter what happens, I know I can handle it.

Although trapped in a prison of fear and worry for more than 20 years, I found the strength to break free by choosing to make positive changes in my life and cultivating an inner sense of peace and power.


Learn more about Tristan and her upcoming book at her website.