9 Self-Care Strategies to Try Right Now or This WeekLast week, New York was hit with a steady snowfall and blankets of white covered the ground. This winter has entrapped us time and time again. Stuck inside. Icy roads. Frigid temperatures. Plans cancelled. What do they say about March? That it comes in like a lion and out like a lamb?

As I type this, the weather is beginning to change, and I feel inklings of spring — the start of something brand new, the season for beauty and rejuvenation.

So, how will spring’s gracious arrival benefit us?

Park ventures.

I have two words: the park. Finally, we’re able to lounge on chunks of green under a canvas of clear blue. The sun oozes specks of yellow, warming our bodies. Its light can make us feel alive. Present.

Pack a baseball. A Frisbee. Bring a picnic lunch and assorted blankets. Eat outside — the first opportunity to do so in months — as the birds chirp sweet sounds. Spring’s noises fill the air, a delightful contrast to the howls of the cold January wind.

Take a walk.

Taking a walk is not a novelty in any season, but once spring is here, these strolls can refresh and revitalize you. If you go for a walk in a scenic area, even better. If a pond is nearby, feed the ducks (or not — simply ogling is fine).

Farmers’ markets are selling ripe fruit and produce and cheese and lavender. Sidewalks are bustling with happy faces. Spring fever encourages outdoor activities whenever possible — after work, during lunch hours, on weekends. We just want to break free from winter’s grip.

Swap wardrobes.

Spring invites us all to feel lighter. Wear soft colors and less material: open-toed shoes, bare-legged outfits, denim jackets, T-shirts, capris and sundresses. Feel winter’s weight diminish.

Seize the symbolism.

We don’t need a particular timeframe for fresh starts, but why not seize the symbolism of the season? The vibrant flowers that blossom. The once-bare trees that are now a bold green. Nature isn’t the only thing that grows.

“It’s amazing how the regenerative powers of sunshine, warm weather and time outside can almost immediately restore your body and mind,” Barrie Davenport wrote in an article posted on liveboldandbloom.com.

“We have the chance to hit the reset button and start over with a shift in attitude and a reawakening to our values, dreams, and a sense of purpose for our lives. Gaining that internal clarity first requires the awareness that’s necessary. It requires you to step back, breathe deeply, and make the conscious decision to evolve, to activate your own metamorphosis.”

She suggests some ways to internalize ‘spring cleaning.’ These include redefining core values, harmonizing our close relationships, simplifying our thinking and adopting a brighter attitude.

Park ventures, refreshing strolls, wardrobe-swapping and seizing the symbolism of rebirth all encompass the allure of the spring season.