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Finding Your Creativity

Throughout my life, my most at peace moments were when I spent time being creative. Creativity, in my opinion is a gift from a spiritual realm, in my belief system, it is from God.

Have you ever had a new idea on a book you could write, business you could create or even a painting you could paint? This has happened to me often, and to be honest, these visions and ideas have been coming to me as early as I can remember. A pastor preached one Sunday on the importance of tuning into our gifts that we are born with or God might just give them to someone else who will use them. 

I often wonder what has kept me from accomplishing the ideas that I have had. It is recently through listening to people in my job in private practice that I’ve realized my fear of being set apart, being isolated from others, even of people thinking that I might be different than them. I learned very early on from my own family of origin and of growing up with a very humble upbringing that it is better to fit in rather than to stand out. It is through having a coach that I learned to embrace my gifts and be fearless.

Steps Towards Finding Your Creativity:

  • Knowing your Meyers Brigg personality type and if you are an intuitive type personality. You can find a free personality assessment by clicking here. This assessment literally changed the way I understand myself, my needs and others around me. Based on my personality I have learned to accept my need to dream, plan and create. Jessica Butts, in her book Live Your Life From the Front Seat, talks about intuitive personality types being entrepreneurs of America, the free thinkers the outside of the box type people. We are often misunderstood and feel very isolated. The more I have thought about it, I have realized that these are the people that often struggle with high amounts of feelings of isolation, anxiety and sadness for a variety of reasons.
  • Find your tribe! My boss, and the Clinical Director at The Wellness Loft, Amy Guy, told me when I told her that I had not met any friends after I first moved from Washington State to Illinois that it is imperative for me to find “my people” which meant, those that are similar to me and that I connect with. She encouraged me that “my tribe” was out there and that I just needed to know when I found them. It took me a year, but I can honestly say that I handpicked each girlfriend I have. My tribe knows my personality, and embraces who I am and where I am going. Most of them are also intuitive, creative people, and the ones that are not keep me focused and driven.
  • Seek a mentor or coach. Find someone neutral who can encourage you and keep you on track with your goals and dreams. Go outside of your comfort zone and seek people who can help you accomplish your dreams.
  • Make time. Nick Rogan, an author and former graduate school class mate at the University of Washington, told me that the only difference of people who write books and those who don’t is the time and dedication each day that that they dedicate to writing. I strongly believe this applies to most things, such as getting college degrees, succeeding in a career, parenting, etc.
  • Listen to yourself. What type of things do you think about often? What is holding you back if you are not doing anything with these talents you hold? I find that keeping a journal and writing down my thoughts as they go threw me allows me to not miss any of my ideas and stay in tune with my mind and body.

Thank you and I hope this writing inspires you to find your creativity and to never give up!

Finding Your Creativity

Jessica Wright, LCSW

Jessica Wright, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Effingham, IL who does private practice at the Wellness Loft. She is a Secondary Trauma Trainer through SAMSEA as well. She has been a social worker for the past 10 years in a variety of settings, with the military in an Early Childhood program called ECEAP, with DCFS, in a hospital mental health and now in private practice.

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