What do you think when you hear the word narcissist? Authoritative, supreme knowledge overall or the world revolves around them? Well, for sure they want you to perceive them this way. However, they are only pretending to be something else out of fear of showing their weaknesses.

The truth is, a narcissistpersonality disorder is a mental condition. As an illness, two of the defining characteristics is a strong appreciation for him/herself and a lack of empathy for others. Sounds familiar?

If you cut through that ironclad exterior, you will find deep within their being they actually have a frail self-image which makes them vulnerable. Amazingly enough, there are many things out in the world that scare them.

You can tell a lot about a person from social media

I have often wondered, like many of you reading this blog, are my friends’ narcissists? There is this one particular person whom I have known for quite a while. He/she just seems like a poster child for the Narcissism Club. This one particular individual behaves as if the world revolves around them on social media. Reading what he/she writes on the Internet, is exhausting. Although he/she appears to be strong, you can just see through the charade they type on their screen right through to their delicate insides where the weaknesses are located.

Below are 7 weaknesses you should look for in a narcissist

1 Energy/aura. One can say the narcissist has an aura about them like an energy field shining outward for all to see. When this energy source gets damaged the narcissist loses his/her outer shell he/she portrays to the world. This dismantling of the aura is dangerous. It takes someone with an extremely strong mind, body and spirit; also a calculating person who knows the narcissist like the back of their hands; and one who knows the narcissists inner circle of influence so they can be torn down. This weakness is nearly impossible to break. The calculating person doing the deed must have a way to manipulate the narcissists buddies just to penetrate that aura. If not, it is rare to go forward and be successful.

2 Relationship commitment. Narcissists have great difficulty in finding and keeping a relationship. As a couple, both will need to open up for the relationship to work out. However, the narcissist is unable to allow someone else to peer into his/her heart. The narcissist would never air out their dirty laundry for people to see, especially a romantic interest. This would only reveal a sign of weakness which is unimaginable and terrifying for the narcissist.

3 Self-analysis. A monumental weakness in the narcissist is the failure to look internally and flesh out what needs to be worked on. Then, of course, the next step is to spend time improving. The narcissist sabotages any possibility of looking deep within. Why? Because they walk around with this mask leading people to believe they are a perfect one-man/woman-show. We all know there are weaknesses behind that mask that he/she does not want to reveal out of fear. Then that will mean the narcissist will be brought down to the same level as anybody else.

4 Do not insult the narcissist. This mental illness predisposes them to be hypersensitive to being put-down and made fun of. Narcissists will feel that low-blow to their frail ego and then they stew over it for weeks and weeks. A narcissist will even imagine someone has thrown an insult his/her way who hasnt. The insult only puts on display his/her weaknesses.

5 Not being the top dog. A humongous fear for a narcissist is they arenot being seen as important. They go after powerful positions. This is seen as young as a high schooler who is a narcissist running for class president. Win. Win. Win. Be the #1! The backward expression of the narcissist wants all these high and mighty positions without the work, effort and experience that is required to be a leader. If the narcissist is no longer top dog, he/she believes their weaknesses will be seen for all to admire.

6 Gratitude. Thats right. Narcissists run the opposite way from gratitude. There is this messed-up idea in the world of the narcissist that gratitude is a sign of weakness. To a narcissist, they are giving up control over you the moment they express their gratitude. He/she may think they owe someone something out of duty if he/she is grateful. Yes, a sign of weakness. The concept that someone gave them a gift puts the narcissist on an equal playing field in his/her mind. They feel weaker or beneath them on the social ladder. This actually is the narcissists greatest fear.

7 Death. Many people who do not have NPD are afraid of death. The narcissist is triple scared of death as compared to the average person. Look at it this way. Narcissists want to be on top of the one who is already on top of the person on top. Death does not discriminate. The powerful and the wealthy along with the poor and starving die just like everybody else does. All awards, trophies, money and other possessions will go to someone else or will be thrown away or worse yet forgotten. Since death is inevitable, that brings the narcissist down to a level playing fieldwith everybody else. And that scares him/her to death.


You can change a narcissist into a less annoying, pushy and arrogant person. You can do this in ways which are guaranteed to work which is what you saw here. Any method should work. I believe one of the main methods of taking them down a notch or two is putting them on a lower social level then he/she thinks they are. A narcissist needs the accolades, status and notoriety to keep up the faade he/she makes of his/her life. Landing on the bottom rung of the totem pole will not fare well with the narcissist because all their weaknesses will be laid bare.

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