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Change Can Throw You Off

Game ChangerA lot of things have been happening in my life recently. I just got a big job that I’m very nervous about, it’s something that hard to do but I’m also looking for a challenge. On top of that I’m moving to a new place at the end of the month.

Suffice it to say that I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with a lot of the stuff.

Anybody would have a hard time with two huge things on the horizon, but as I live with schizophrenia I have to be extra conscious of the compounding stressors that I’m putting on myself.

Change is hard. If there’s one single truth in this world, that would be it. It’s hard to uproot and start anything new. I’ve been looking for some relief either by reducing the amount of work I have to do or pushing myself to make more money — or really anything that would make this period just a little easier.

There are drawbacks with each of those though. If I were to give up one of my current gigs, I fear I wouldn’t be making enough money. If I were to take on another gig, I would be secure monetarily but I may not be able to withstand the stress.

It’s a tenuous balance between work and relaxation. It seems that once I get a handle on it, something else comes along that throws a curveball into my life.

So I’ve come up on a hard time, and the next few weeks are going to be a struggle for me. Time has shown me at least a few techniques that might help.

First of all, I’m going to buckle down and get all my work done so I can be prepared for curveballs. That means writing more articles so I have a backlog. Then I can devote my days to preparing for the move.

I also have to limit stress in whatever way I can. I plan to take walks through my neighborhood, take hot showers and eat good meals. I’ll have to go bed at the same time each night in order to get a good rest. Routine for me is a good way of staying in control of my day-to-day. It means I knew what to expect day in and day out. I plan to take a moment to myself whenever I need it by reading or unwinding.

Work-life balance is a difficult challenge for anyone. Living with schizophrenia, it’s even more challenging. Knowing what to expect, sticking to a routine, and making time for relaxation and stress reduction are key.

Change Can Throw You Off

Michael Hedrick

Mike Hedrick is a writer and photographer in Boulder, CO. He has lived with schizophrenia for many years and his work has been published in Salon, Scientific American and The New York Times. His book is available here You can follow his blog on living with schizophrenia here

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