Tamar Braxton is in stable condition after being rushed to the hospital due to a suspected suicide attempt. The Grammy-nominated singer was found unconscious and unresponsive at her Los Angeles home on June 16th. According to reports, the Braxton Family Values star is said to have overdosed on a combination of pills and alcohol.

In a statement released to the New York Post, a spokesperson for the Braxton Family confirmed the incident and asked for continued prayers for Tamar.

“Tamar has had a very tough and emotional day more information will be coming in the next few days. Please pray for her.”

The incident came weeks after Tamar referenced feeling suicidal in a scathing email to WeTV. Responding to an email sent by the network to express support for the Black Lives Matter movement, Braxton blasted the network for hypocrisy given the unfair portrayal of her family on their hit reality television show, Braxton Family Values, and the strain that the series put on her familys relationship.

Tamar lambasted the way the show’s producers coached and cajoled she and her sisters into finding the worst in each other to boost ratings rather than showcasing the strong, happy, independent, and successful African American family that they were. She continued that the manipulation turned a once happy African American family into a group of people that fight and betray each other and who now physically assault each other.

According to the email, first released by Page 6 and The Blast, the tipping point for Tamar, was when [the producers of the show] dug up the fact that Tamar had been repeatedly sexually assaulted from age 6-16. They then revealed that secret in front of her family and 100 crew members during a family therapy session filmed for the series. Tamar says she had to then go on Wendy Williams before the show aired to share the details of her molestation which was a story [she] wasnt ready to tell so that WeTV couldnt exploit her childhood trauma for their own profit.

“You broke me that day and I considered taking my own life then for the shame I felt. I was so powerless and hurt” – Tamar Braxton

In the letter to the WeTV execs, Tamar likened them to cruel white slave masters who once chained our forefathers and the oppressive police forces that now terrorize our communities and went on to address the fact that she and her family are paid less than their white cohorts (who the Braxtons outperformed in ratings) and that the family was forced to work under “slave-like conditions” with contracts that were choking them to death and constant threats of aggression.

Tamar went on to change her name to Tamar Slave Braxton on Twitter and directly addressed the drama and strain Braxton Family Values put on her family as well as the Angry Black People narrative often put on display on reality shows.

Besides the Twitter name change, there were few public signs that Tamar was struggling. She continued to promote her new hair product line on social media and vocally support the #BlackLivesMatter movement as well as highlight other black female entrepreneurs.

Fellow reality tv star and bestselling author, NeNe Leakes address the fact that her best friend had been silently struggling. In the Instagram post, NeNe stated that: People tend to judge the outside strength on the inside abilities to cope! A lot of strong people cry in the dark and hurt alone. NeNe then urged her followers to “check on [their] strong friends.”


NeNe again went on Instagram the following day to give an additional update on Tamar’s mental health. In the post, Leakes revealed that both she and Tamar had been going through some things and coming to terms about how they have been negatively treated. Theyd been each others support system, but now Tamar is now getting the proper help that she needs.

Since Tamar’s hospitalization, her sisters have taken to social media to ask their fans to pray for their family.



Though well-known as the outspoken baby sister of Toni Braxton, Tamar has been relatively silent over the years about her mental health. Tamar’s journey and quiet struggles with overwhelming stress and childhood trauma are reflective of the struggles many black women face in managing their mental health while being expected to perpetuate the damaging trope of the”strong black woman.” Speaking from personal experience, I have to admit that sometimes…you just get sick of having to be strong all the time.

There have been no official updates on Tamar’s condition aside from reports that she is now stable. Here’s to hoping for a full recovery.