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Psychology Around the Net: February 17, 2018

Hello, Psych Central readers.

For this week's Psychology Around the Net, we're diving into vibes and what causes us to feel them, how we can use our emotions to cause positive environmental change, ways to help children better understand and practice mindfulness, and more.

I've chosen to not address the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in this week's Psychology Around the Net, as many of our Psych Central writers have already and are continuing to do so. I encourage you to browse our latest blog posts for our team's insights.

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What Is Revenge Porn?

Break-ups can be difficult and often quite painful. But imagine that the person you loved and trusted for the duration of your relationship decided to take revenge on you for breaking it off. What does that look like? Well, there are a variety of ways that a scorned lover might express their resentment, but in today’s era of cyber-everything, revenge porn is becoming a tool of choice for many in their quest for vengeance.
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Digital Versus Human Communication

It’s amazing to think that less than twenty years ago, if I wanted to communicate with someone from afar, I’d have to call them on the telephone, mail them a letter, or perhaps even send them a telegram. To say the world of communication has changed is an understatement, and this dramatic transformation comes with its share of pros and cons.
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Brain and Behavior

The Surprising Sexuality of (Male) Gamers

The modern stereotype of people who frequently play video games needs finally to be put to rest. Gamers, as they're known, are actually not losers residing in their parents' basement, but rather people from all different backgrounds who enjoy the entertainment value that spending time playing video games affords.

Along with that stereotype is the belief that gamers' sexuality must also be less than ideal. Losers in basements can't have a healthy, positive sex life, right?

Let's find out...

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Brain and Behavior

Gaming Disorder Now Real? Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Health News from Forbes

There's a problem when you're a big digital publisher and pretty much allow anyone to write under your masthead. If you don't carefully review and vet contributions from outside authors, people are going to write ridiculous things and make outrageous claims. Which, if allowed, will come back to haunt your reputation as a source of real, factual news.

Take, for instance,'s recent article about "Gaming Disorder," which makes the shocking claim that the World Health Organization has just endorsed this new mental health diagnosis.

The only problem with this claim? It's a lie, in my opinion.

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Podcast: What’s Online Counseling Really Like?

In this episode of the Psych Central Show, hosts Gabe Howard and Vincent M. Wales discuss online counseling. Joining them is Haesue Jo of, which offers online counseling and is also the sponsor of The Psych Central Show.

In addition to answering specific questions about Better Help, the conversation discusses how online counseling differs from in-person therapy, what types of issues are (and are not) good fits for this type of counseling, and what someone can expect from this kind of service. Also discussed is why some people are still skeptical of online therapy (or other types of virtual medical services) and why they shouldn’t be. 

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