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Smiling Improves Your Emotional and Spiritual Health

I’ve been fortunate to visit Thailand many times and after being here again, I’ve been asking myself: How is it that so many Thai people are quick to flash spontaneous and radiant smiles? Spend even a little time here and you’ll understand why Thailand is called “The Land of Smiles.”

A cynical interpretation is that smiling faces are a fake show of happiness designed to captivate tourists. And of course, a smile can sometimes cover up one's true feelings, such as nervousness, anger, or sadness. But from my own observations and after speaking with many savvy travelers, I'm convinced that the smiles are often genuine.

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Ethics & Morality

Do You Take Up Space or Make the World a Better Place?

The question crept into my consciousness in the early morning hours yesterday. When open to receiving them, the best inspirational thoughts do, and I jump on the opportunity to mold them into teaching tools. Turning 59 this year has set me on a trajectory and track that runs forward and backward. Taking stock as I enter the sixth decade of my life, I have a strong desire to propel myself into an empowered future, and I am aware that to do that, I need to glean treasures from the past that led me to this moment.  
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Anxiety and Panic

Joe Biden and Kesha’s Share this Key Strategy for Life

Joe Biden's recent interview with Meghan McCain on The View was heart wrenching, powerful, authentic and emotional. It was a beautiful connection, and his word of advice was clear for the McCain family. He has stressed the importance of this one thing over and over again. The necessity to maintain it, no matter what life brings. And Joe Biden certainly has been through a lot.

“You have to have hope.” - Joe Biden

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It’s Not the Wedding — It’s the Marriage!

Mia found wedding planning stressful. Her mother’s was obsessing over the invitations, flowers, color scheme, favors, hors d’oeuvres, guest list, and other details -- so much that it seemed like she was the one getting married.

Exasperated as her mother droned on about ice sculptures and chocolate fountains, Mia wished she had decided to elope. She finally blurted out: “It’s not the wedding, Mom! It’s the marriage.
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Intimacy as a Spiritual Path

Attachment theory and neuroscience tell us that we’re wired with a human need for connection. Neither infants nor adults thrive without safe and secure relationships. Might our longing for connection and intimacy be synonymous with a spiritual longing that lies at the very heart of what it means to be human?

When we hear the word “spirituality,” we may think of something otherworldly and transcendent. We pray to some larger presence beyond ourselves that we call God or participate in rites and rituals that we hope will secure our salvation or enlightenment.

Rather than pursue a vertical spirituality of transcendence, what if we pursued a horizontal spirituality that invites us to be awake in our everyday lives and relationships?
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How to Become a More Interesting Person

Many people see themselves as boring or not very interesting. As a result, they minimize social contact, or feel self-conscious and awkward when interacting.

Having a self-image of being uninteresting can lead to isolation and loneliness, while eroding self-worth.

A fascinating inquiry is to explore what makes us interesting. Is it our net worth, our accomplishments, or knowing people who are popular? Maybe these factors create a curious image that some people find appealing. But do we want people to find our image interesting or find us interesting?

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Psychology Around the Net: August 26, 2017

Happy Saturday, sweet readers!

Can you believe it's the last weekend of August? I know summer doesn't technically end as soon as August is over, but...where did the summer go?!

Well, before you head out to enjoy the weekend, take some time to catch up on the science of spirituality, why having a best friend as a teenager helps develop a sense of self later in life, how winning the lottery will contribute little to your level of happiness, and more.

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Finding Your Creativity

Throughout my life, my most at peace moments were when I spent time being creative. Creativity, in my opinion is a gift from a spiritual realm, in my belief system, it is from God.

Have you ever had a new idea on a book you could write, business you could create or even a painting you could paint? This has happened to me often, and to be honest, these visions and ideas have been coming to me as early as I can remember. A pastor preached one Sunday on the importance of tuning into our gifts that we are born with or God might just give them to someone else who will use them. 
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