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Come Face to Face with Your Biggest Weakness

It’s time to slay your biggest weakness by facing it head-on and overcoming it. Here’s how.

Let's face it, we all have weaknesses — and most of us ignore them, pretend they don't exist, and choose to focus only on our strengths, which means we don't do anything about our shortcomings. So they grow and continue to hold us back.

Here's the straight truth: your biggest weakness is a security blanket (more on that later) that's preventing you from achieving your full potential.

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Brain and Behavior

How to Put Down Our Devices and Step Into Our Lives: Four Strategies for Finding Balance

I think it crept in insidiously. I saw others getting “addicted” to their phones, to social media, to needing to check their electronics constantly, and I wanted no part of it. I was the last stronghold to get a smartphone. I had no need or desire for one. While everyone else had one for years already, I was content with my “un-smart” phone, quite satisfied to set aside a few designated periods in my day to check emails, get on the internet, and do my other business from my computer -- and only when necessary.
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Marriage and Divorce

Are You Making These 4 Communication Mistakes in Your Romantic Relationship?

We assume that communication should come naturally to us, and maybe we think it does, especially in our romantic relationships. After all, we communicate all the time. We talk to our partners all the time about a wide range of topics, from what's going on with our jobs to what's for dinner to why we're feeling so upset.

But good---clear, connection-enhancing---communication takes work. It requires some education, effort and practice. You’ll likely still stumble from time to time. Because, of course, you’re human.
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The One Person You Always Need to Trust Is You!

Most successful and beneficial relationships include an element of trust. Expecting loyalty, reliability and trustworthiness you assume that the other person will do what they say, that their word can be relied upon and that promises, commitments and agreements will be kept. When trust is broken it leads to disappointment, suspicion and damaged relationships that are hard to repair.

As it relates to the interactions you have with other people, this kind of trust has an external focus. But there is an even more important kind -- the trust you have in yourself.
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Brain and Behavior

Meditations to Help You Calm Your Inner Critic

Our ability to be resonant with ourselves is a key for bringing healing into our life.

“Why am I so stupid?” “I am such a loser.” “Why can’t I do anything right?” These are just some of the questions that many people have running through their mind- sometimes without even realizing it. There is a way to heal this voice and cultivate more compassion for yourself.

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This Year You Will Make It Happen!

As we enter the New Year, it’s customary for us to resolve to lose weight, get fit, save money, be better organized. How successful are we at these endeavors? You know the answer! All that falling off the wagon is creating great business for chiropractors.
So instead of making the same old resolutions, how about creating a different kind of agenda for 2018? What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to learn? What do you want to improve? Whatever it is, let me suggest some down-to-earth basics that will help you make your dreams come true:
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These 9 Beliefs Block Your Path to Inner Peace

"Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true." -- Adyashanti
I don’t know exactly when it happened.

It was probably about eighteen months ago, maybe a couple of years. I can’t really remember, and it doesn’t really matter.

I was up to my neck in stress, and having one of those days.

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8 Small Ways to Declutter That Make a Big Difference in Your Space and Mood

Motherhood coach Denaye Barahona, Ph.D, started decluttering her home by decluttering her closet. After she was done, her closet actually became a place she wanted to be. It became a space of solitude, quiet and calm -- a feeling she “quickly came to love.” Which inspired her to declutter her entire home “in search of this calm feeling that I wanted to bring to my entire family.”

It’s hard to feel calm when you’re surrounded by clutter: surfaces with piles resembling the leaning tower of Pisa; toys strewn all over the floor; clothing jam-packed in your closet; random receipts, paperwork and coupons in random places. “Visually, clutter makes us feel chaotic and unfocused,” said Carrie Higgins, who writes the blog
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Children and Teens

When Family Life Is — and Isn’t — a Fairy Tale

Villainized in Cinderella, the evil stepmother is ingrained in our consciousness. She is cunning and ruthless; her malevolent intentions jeopardizing idealized images of the smiling, doting matriarch.   

Reality, however, is more complicated. While not exactly sympathetic, at least in contemporary America, stepmothers face an unenviable burden. There is an expectation -- tacit or otherwise -- that stepmothers will mollify familial strife. To put it more bluntly, stepmothers can and will serve as a de facto peacemaker for warring families.
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